What are Cuspate Forelands in geography?

Cuspate forelands, also known as cuspate barriers or nesses in Britain, are geographical features found on coastlines and lakeshores that are created primarily by longshore drift. Formed by accretion and progradation of sand and shingle, they extend outwards from the shoreline in a triangular shape.

Where are Cuspate Forelands?

Where can a Cuspate Foreland be found? Cuspate forelands can be found on ocean coastlines and other large bodies of water. Some lakes can also create a cuspate foreland, depending on wind and land conditions.

How are cuspate spits formed?

Cuspate spits are one of a family of shoreline reorientation features that includes cusplike structures, giant cusps, looped spits, and cuspate forelands. These forms are generated by longshore processes as the result of dominant waves approaching a shoreline at a high angle.

Is Dungeness A cuspate foreland?

Dungeness is the largest cuspate foreland in Britain, and globally very unusual because it is formed predominantly of flint shingle. Cuspate forelands can be described as triangular beaches. They are formed by longshore drift moving sediment in opposing directions.

What are spits bars and Tombolos?

A tombolo is a sandy isthmus. A tombolo, from the Italian tombolo, meaning ‘pillow’ or ‘cushion’, and sometimes translated as ayre, is a deposition landform by which an island becomes attached to the mainland by a narrow piece of land such as a spit or bar. Once attached, the island is then known as a tied island.

Is Chesil Beach a spit?

A tombolo is a spit connecting an island to the mainland. An example of a tombolo is Chesil Beach, which connects the Isle of Portland to the mainland of the Dorset coast.

Is a barrier beach the same as a bar?

Or, a barrier beach driven across a bay forms a bar (e.g. Haff coastlines) but a strong exiting river current may breach the bar to form a double spit. Offshore bars are ridges of sand or shingle running parallel to the coast in an offshore zone.

What are ridges and Runnels?

Ridges are areas of the foreshore that are raised above the adjacent shore which dips into a Runnel. The cross-section is similar to that of hills and valleys but at a much smaller scale. Ridge and runnel systems are formed due to the interaction of tides, currents, sediments and the beach topography.

Is Dungeness Power Station Nuclear?

Dungeness B power station. Dungeness B is a nuclear power station on the south coast of England. It was the first Advanced Gas-cooled reactor to begin construction in the UK.

Is Dungeness power station still active?

Dungeness B is an advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) power station consisting of two 1,496 MWt reactors, which began operation in 1983 and 1985 respectively, and have been non-operational since 2018 with decommissioning beginning in 2021.

Why is it called a tombolo?

Is Llandudno a tombolo?

In some area, bars extend to join the mainland to an island. This forms a sediment ridge called a tombolo; a good example is Llandudno in North Wales. Tombolos.