What are different displays used in radar?

Types of Radar Displays

  • A-Scope. It is a two dimensional Radar display.
  • B-Scope. It is a two dimensional Radar display.
  • C-Scope. It is a two-dimensional Radar display.
  • D-Scope.
  • E-Scope.
  • F-Scope.
  • G-Scope.
  • H-Scope.

What is B-scope in radar?

A B-scope or b-scan provides a 2-D “top down” representation of space, with the vertical axis typically representing range and the horizontal axis azimuth (angle). The B-scope’s display represented a horizontal “slice” of the airspace on both sides of the aircraft out to the tracking angles of the radar.

What are blips on a radar called?

Such a display is called a Plan Position Indicator, usually simply a “PPI”. These dots are known as blips. Under optimal conditions, every pulse sent out by the radar will be returned and cause a blip to be displayed on the screen.

What is PPI in radar display?

In radar: Displays. …used radar display is the plan position indicator (PPI), which provides a maplike presentation in polar coordinates of range and angle. The display is “dark” except when echo signals are present.

What is radar screen meaning?

a screen on equipment used in radar, a method for detecting the position and velocity of a distant object.

What do the colors mean on weather Channel radar?

Areas that are shaded blue are expected to see snow. Purple-shaded locations may see either rain or snow. Areas in pink are expected to see sleet or freezing rain (ice). White arrows denote areas where winds of at least 15 mph are possible Sunday.)

What is a radar screen image called?

BLIP. a radar echo displayed so as to show the position of a reflecting surface.

What is range in radar?

Range is the distance from the radar site to the target measured along the line of sight.