What are DNS zone records?

DNS records (aka zone files) are instructions that live in authoritative DNS servers and provide information about a domain including what IP address is associated with that domain and how to handle requests for that domain.

What is the most common type of record in a DNS zone?

address (A) records
Firstly, address (A) records are the most common record type by far. In brief, A records map domain names to IPv4 addresses.

What are the types of DNS zones?

Broadly speaking, there are five types of DNS zones.

  • Primary zone.
  • Secondary zone.
  • Active Directory-integrated zone.
  • Stub zone.
  • Reverse lookup zone.

What is DNS zone types?

There are two types of DNS zones – Primary (Master) DNS zone for control and Secondary (Slave) DNS zone for redundancy and better performance. The first contains all the original DNS records, and the second gets them from the Primary DNS zone. The process is called DNS zone transfer.

Which zone stores A and AAAA records?

A and AAAA DNS records In brief, A records map domain names to IPv4 addresses. Secondly, as the internet gradually makes the transition to IPv6, there are AAAA records (spoken as “quad A”). An AAAA record is the IPv6 equivalent of an A record, responsible for mapping a domain name to an IPv6 address.

How can I list all DNS records?

In Server Manager,click IPAM.

  • In the navigation pane,in MONITOR AND MANAGE,click DNS Zones.
  • In the lower navigation pane,click Forward Lookup,and then expand the domain and zone list to locate and select the zone you want to view.
  • In the display pane,the default view is of the DNS servers for the zone.
  • What are some examples of DNS records?

    A Record – For example, is an IPv4 address that these entries resolve to.

  • AAAA Record – For example,2506:4700:20::681a:bc6 resolves to an IPv6 address.
  • CNAME Record – For example,the subdomain name of Geeksforgeeks’s online shop is marketing.geeksforgeeks.org,which gives a CNAME record of marketing.shopify.com.
  • Active Directory Integrated Zones. Active Directory Integrated Zones stores its zone data in Active Directory.

  • Primary Zone. This is the main zone and has a read/write copy of the zone data.
  • Secondary Zone. A secondary Zone is a read-only copy of the primary zone.
  • Stub Zone.
  • Forward Lookup Zone.
  • Reverse Lookup Zone.
  • Zone Transfers.
  • How to create CNAME record in DNS?

    Fill the Alias name field with the alias name you want to use.

  • Fill the FQDN for target host field with the FQDN of the target host or you can click on Browse to select the from the available records.
  • You can choose to tick Delete this record when it becomes stale option.