What are examples of dehumanization?

Dehumanization can occur discursively (e.g., idiomatic language that likens individual human beings to non-human animals, verbal abuse, erasing one’s voice from discourse), symbolically (e.g., imagery), or physically (e.g., chattel slavery, physical abuse, refusing eye contact).

What is another word for dehumanize?

What is another word for dehumanize?

degrade debase
vitiate deprave
warp demean
poison subvert
debauch abase

What happens when people are dehumanized?

People who dehumanize are often less prosocial toward perceived outgroups (Haslam and Loughnan, 2014). For example, Cuddy et al. (2007) revealed that those who denied secondary emotions (e.g., anguish, remorse) to Hurricane Katrina victims reported they would be less likely to volunteer time to help needy individuals.

Can you dehumanize yourself?

Research in Psychological Science, however, suggests that we can also dehumanize ourselves, setting into motion a cyclical process through which performing antisocial behavior causes us to view ourselves as less human, leading in turn to further antisocial action.

What is dehumanize in a sentence?

Britannica Dictionary definition of DEHUMANIZE. [+ object] : to treat (someone) as though he or she is not a human being. Inspectors have observed terrible factory conditions that dehumanize workers. The government’s propaganda is meant to dehumanize the enemy.

What are some examples of dehumanization in modern society?

Prior work suggests that people who dehumanize often rate “others” as less evolved on an evolutionary scale. For example, people blatantly dehumanize and rate Arabs and Muslims as less human than other groups such as Americans or Europeans (9).

How do you use dehumanization in a sentence?

Dehumanization in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The dehumanization of the Jews led to treatment that was not fitting of an animal.
  2. International human rights laws prohibit dehumanization and hold that all people should be treated equally and with respect.

What is the meaning of Imbrute?

Definition of imbrute intransitive verb. : to sink to the level of a brute. transitive verb. : to degrade to the level of a brute.

What are the two types of dehumanization?

There are two kinds of dehumanization, Dobson noted. Animalistic dehumanization entails viewing ourselves or others as being incapable of higher-level processes like self-control, while mechanistic dehumanization is closer to how we think about robots and other things that don’t have emotions.