What are fireplace surrounds called?

Commonly confused for one another, the fireplace surround is an informal name given to the entire assembly of elements: mantel, legs, returns, etc. Ultimately, the surround is what makes up all parts of a fireplace in its entirety.

How do you spice up a bookshelf?

Bookshelf Display Strategies

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What is a hearth and surround?

A fireplace surround is the object that sticks out from the outer wall of a fireplace into the room and surrounds the fireplace opening. A fireplace surround is usually made up of the sides and mantel but may or may not include the base of the fireplace, known as the hearth.

What is the back of a fire place called?

Back (fireback)—The inside, rear wall of the fireplace of masonry or metal that reflects heat into the room.

Are wooden fire surrounds safe?

Unless you are going to use twin wall flue to protect combustibles then I would suggest you refrain from considering wooden beams or wooden surrounds. As well as the above many stoves have very stringent requirements when it comes to distance to combustibles (often 60cm or more gap is required).

Why buy a fireplace back panel and hearth from direct fireplaces?

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What is the back panel of a gallery Askham fireplace made of?

The back panel has standard cut out suitable for most inset gas or electric fires. The Gallery Askham 54″ surround is made from MDF with a light oak veneer finish and includes downlights. This fireplace suite can come with either a Black Granite or a Perla marble hearth and back panel.

What is in the be modern viola fireplace suite?

This fireplace suite comes with either a Black Granite or Perla marble hearth and back panel. The Be Modern Viola fireplace suite comes in stunning Manila micro marble finish and includes surround, back panel and hearth. This suite comes in a 48″ sizes and with a 45mm or 75mm rebate in the surround.