What are Hanen strategies?

All Hanen tips are based on current research which shows that parents have the power to boost their children’s language and literacy development when they: Make it easy for their child to start conversations. Respond with interest to whatever their child tells them, with or without words.

What is owl Hanen?

What is OWL? OWLing is all about being a good conversation partner. While OWL stands for three separate skills (observing, waiting, and listening), a parent really needs to be doing all three at once. The parent Observes the child carefully, paying close attention to what he says or does.

What is the Hanen program for parents?

The Hanen approach is centered on the parent coaching model. There are a variety of programs for parents and educators to help promote the social, language, and literacy skills of their young children. The Hanen programs include research-based group training classes and individual home coaching sessions.

How can I help my child with echolalia?


  1. Avoid responding with sentences that will result in echolalia.
  2. Use a carrier phrase softly spoken while modeling the correct response: “You say, (quietly spoken), ‘ want car.
  3. Teach “I don’t know” to sets of questions the child does not know the answers to.

How do you teach an autistic child to communicate?

Here are our top seven strategies for promoting language development in nonverbal children and adolescents with autism:

  1. Encourage play and social interaction.
  2. Imitate your child.
  3. Focus on nonverbal communication.
  4. Leave “space” for your child to talk.
  5. Simplify your language.
  6. Follow your child’s interests.

What is shaping in speech therapy?

Shaping is the use of reinforcement of successive approximations of a desired behavior. Specifically, when using a shaping technique, each approximate desired behavior that is demonstrated is reinforced, while behaviors that are not approximations of the desired behavior are not reinforced.

What is expectant waiting speech therapy?

An experienced speech therapist uses skills such as “expectant waiting” to encourage a child’s initiation (commenting, requesting). The therapist can then provide prompts to expand on the initiation or strengthen the connection between meaning and expression through repetition.

What is more than words Hanen?

More Than Words is a family-centred, group-based training program. It focuses on training parents to help autistic children develop communication skills. The program is one of several developed at the Hanen Centre in Canada.

How do you break an echolalia?

It’s not always a good idea to prevent it completely. To avoid permanent echolalia in children, parents must encourage other forms of communication. Expose a child to a wide variety of words and phrases. In time, most children can overcome their echolalia naturally.