What are PECS symbols?

What is PECS? PECS is a type of Augmentative and Alternative Communication that uses visual symbols to teach the learner to communicate with parents, carers, teachers and peers. The aim is to teach intentional, functional communication and to allow users to communicate their wants and needs.

Who is PECS appropriate for?

PECS is a program to assist children to develop a communication system that allows them to meet various needs. Suitable candidates for the program include children who do not speak, who are unintelligible, or who are minimally effective communicators with their present communication system.

What are PECS cards?

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is a way for autistic people to communicate without relying on speech. To communicate, people use cards with pictures, symbols, words or photographs to ask for things, comment on things or answer questions.

What are the examples of PECS?

The definition of pecs are the pectoral or chest muscles. An example of pecs are the large chest muscles on a body builder.

Is PECS only for autism?

PECS is only for people with Autism: PECS is frequently recommended for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder due to deficits in expressive language and social communication.

What are the 10 PECS in TLE?

They identified 10 personal entrepreneurial competencies: opportunity seeking, persistence, commit- ment to work contract, risk-taking, demand for efficiency and quality, goal seeking, in- formation seeking, systematic planning and monitoring, persuasion and network- ing, self-confidence.

What are PECS in TLE?

Similar to TLE 9 Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs)

Are PECS harmful?

So what’s wrong with PECS? It uses physical prompting. PECS uses ‘hand-over-hand in Phase 1 whereby an adult withholds an item (food or toy) from the child. Hand-over-hand is a restrictive practice as it violates a person’s body autonomy.

What age should you introduce PECS?

PECS can be an alternative communication system for those who don’t speak or an augmentative communication system for those who do. PECS is only for young children. PECS has been used around the world with people aged from 14 months to 85 years.