What are some cheats for Storm The House 3?

Storm the House 3 Cheats

  • octopussy: toggles extra tower slots.
  • goldfinger: activates fisty mcbeefpunch.
  • moonraker: toggle enemies moonwalk.
  • live and let die: maximum wall (bugged)
  • The World Is Not Enough: all weapons unlocked and fully upgraded.
  • Die Another Day: house is invulnerable<

How do you get unlimited money on Caesar 3?

Money cheat: Click the Emperor icon in the Senate. Give yourself a wage of 500 denarii (Caesar’s wage). After a few months, when you accumulate about 3000 denarii, go to the same screen and press the “Give to city” button. Click the “all” button in the dialog.

How do you install Caesar Augustus III?


  1. Install Caesar 3 using the provided installer (GOG/Steam/CD-ROM).
  2. Download the latest release of Augustus or compile from source.
  3. Copy augustus.exe, SDL2.dll, SDL2_mixer.dll and libmpg123.dll to the folder where you installed Caesar 3.
  4. Run Augustus.

How do you get a lot of money in Far Cry 3?

Don’t buy weapons.

  1. Don’t buy weapons. As you unlock radio towers, weapons will unlock for free at vendors.
  2. Don’t buy medicine.
  3. Don’t buy body armor.
  4. Sell off loot.
  5. Upgrade your loot capacity.
  6. Upgrade your wallet.
  7. Spend your money on maps, but only if you’re the exploring type.
  8. Do the side challenges.

Can Android play Caesar 3?

CaesarIA is a free, open-source remake of Caesar III with outstanding gameplay, and graphics that, although inherited from the 90s, are still delightful today. This version for Android also offers different control options.

What is the fastest way to make money in Far Cry 3?

In Far Cry 3 there are several ways to earn money: you can play poker, scour the map far and wide to find all kinds of junk to then resell to the shops, complete the various missions and challenges to get the relative rewards.