What are some duties of a page?

Duties of pages include acting as messengers in the legislative chamber, taking water to MPP’s, and picking up key documents (bills, petitions, motions, reports by committee). They also have opportunities to learn about provincial government and the lawmaking process.

What did a page do for a knight?

As a young page he basically was a servant for the knight, performing tasks such as serving meals, cleaning his clothes, and carrying messages. While working for the knight’s household, the page learned the proper way to behave and good manners. The page also began to train to fight.

What are the duties of a page and squire?

Squires were the second step to becoming a knight, after having served as a page. Boys served a knight as an attendant or shield carrier, doing simple but important tasks such as saddling a horse or caring for the knight’s weapons and armor.

What was a page in becoming a knight?

At around the age of six, young boys who were the sons of knights or other nobles were sent away from home to live at a neighboring castle where they began their training. During this first step on the path to knighthood, the boy was known as a page.

What are page boy duties?

What is your page boys role? Traditionally page boys are in charge of carrying the brides train down the aisle, but nowadays they play an even more important role: ensuring the safe arrival of the wedding rings at the altar. This can put quite a bit of pressure on the wee guys shoulders!

What is a page at an assembly?

Pages are hired to work in the House of Assembly to provide assistance to Members, Table Officers and staff of the Legislature when it is in session.

How and when did a page get promoted to a squire?

Until the age of 14 or 15, the boy was required to continue serving as a page and if he proved loyal and his performance satisfactory, the lord would then promote him to the title and position of a squire.

What is a king’s page?

The King’s Page is an entirely student-run newspaper that has been distributed since San Marcos High School first opened in 1957. The online edition launched in 2012. You can start reading by clicking on the Front Page or any of the sections that interest you.

What is the role of a royal page?

The Pages are responsible for the Privy Purse Door where the infamous Red Boxes arrive daily as well as people who have business with members of the Royal Household. The Pages also oversee the visitor’s book and those who sign it.

What is a page boy medieval?

Page (servant), a young male servant, especially in medieval times. Page boy (wedding attendant) (also ringbearer or coinbearer), a young male attendant at a wedding.