What are some examples of susceptible host?

Chain of Infection: Susceptible Host

  • Age. The very young or very old are usually more susceptible.
  • Health status. Malnourished, dehydrated, or otherwise unhealthy persons are more at risk.
  • Medication usage. Immune suppressing drugs allow pathogens to take hold more freely.
  • General resistance factors.

What is considered a susceptible host?

SUSCEPTIBLE HOST The person who is at risk for developing an infection from the disease.

What is a susceptible host in the chain of infection?

Susceptible host can be any person (the most vulnerable of whom are receiving healthcare, are immunocompromised, or have invasive medical devices including lines, devices, and airways)

What is an example of a reservoir host?

Examples are marmots, black rats, prairie dogs, chipmunks and squirrels for bubonic plague. Synonyms: natural reservoir. nidus.

What are five factors that make someone a susceptible host to an infection?

We all have different susceptibility Multiple innate factors (e.g., age, nutritional status, genetics, immune competency, and pre-existing chronic diseases) and external variables (e.g., concurrent drug therapy) influence the overall susceptibility of a person exposed to a virus.

Is a susceptible host a carrier?

The microorganism may spread to another person but does not develop into an infection if the person’s immune system can fight it off. They may however become a ‘carrier’ without symptoms, able to then be the next ‘mode of transmission’ to another ‘susceptible host’.

What is a susceptible host quizlet?

susceptible host. a person who is unable to resist infection by a particular pathogen. Acute infection (common cold or flu) short term illness or rapid onset of disease, a relatively brief period of symptoms, and resolution within days.

Who is a susceptible person?

A susceptible person is someone who is not vaccinated or otherwise immune, or a person with a weakened immune system who has a way for the germs to enter the body. For an infection to occur, germs must enter a susceptible person’s body and invade tissues, multiply, and cause a reaction.

What are examples of a reservoir in the chain of infection?

Examples of reservoirs are standing water, a person with a common cold or syphilis, or a dog with rabies. Mode of Transmission. Since microorganisms cannot travel on their own, they require a vehicle to carry them to other persons and places.

What are vector host give two examples?

1. Vectors are mainly some living organisms that carry infectious disease from an infected host to a healthy organism. 2. Mostly the vectors belong to the Phylum Arthropods such as lice, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

What are four 4 factors that influence the susceptibility of a host?

Susceptibility and response to an agent are influenced by factors such as genetic composition, nutritional and immunologic status, anatomic structure, presence of disease or medications, and psychological makeup.

What client is a susceptible host most at risk for infection?

The very nature of healthcare settings makes them vulnerable to the spread of infections because they serve patients who are ill and are therefore susceptible hosts. Patients with altered immunity such as people with cancer or HIV/AIDS are at high risk for infection.