What are the 7 papers of UPSC?

UPSC Syllabus – Civil Services Mains Exam

  • Paper‐I: (Essay) – 250 Marks.
  • Paper‐2: (General Studies 1) – 250 Marks.
  • Paper‐3: (General Studies 2) – 250 Marks.
  • Paper‐4: (General Studies 3) – 250 Marks.
  • Paper‐5: (General Studies 4) – 250 Marks.
  • Paper‐6: (Optional Subject Paper 1) – 250 Marks.

Which note is best for UPSC?

Free IAS Study Materials – Useful for UPSC Prelims and Mains

  • Indian History Notes – Indian History and Culture.
  • Geography Notes – Indian and World Geography.
  • Economics Notes – Indian Economy.
  • Indian Polity Notes – Constitution, Social Justice etc.
  • General Science Notes – Science and Technology.

Can I apply for UPSC after MBBS?

If you are a disciplined and dedicated student, then you can easily crack UPSC and MBBS together. Doing UPSC after MBBS may seem to be an uphill task, but the same can be achieved if one decides to do so.

What is medical science in UPSC?

The Medical Science syllabus for IAS Exam focuses on the candidates’ understanding of the basic concepts and application of knowledge to problems faced by patients. The topics included in this subject are related to basic medical knowledge, general medicine and community medicine.

Is Drishti books enough for UPSC?

In comparision to all the IAS Exam oriented content available Online and offline (in physical books and magazines form), Drishti IAS Notes are the best in the business. In many aspects like Content quality, reliability, etc Drishti IAS provides better features.

Who is better IAS or doctor?

On the other hand an IAS officer is ‘A’ grade job in India ,you can say at the top of government jobs , in doctors profession you can expect some things like high salary and reputation but an IAS officer’s job is very much more than these little things ,after IAS exams eligible candidates are appointed as SDM, revenue …

How many doctors are IAS?

Here are five doctors turned IAS officers. Shena Aggarwal, the topper of the 2011 UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), is a popular doctor-turned-IAS officer. Before bagging AIR-1 in CSE-2011, she had completed her MBBS from AIIMS, New Delhi in 2009 and also secured AIR-305 in CSE-2010.

Is BAMS optional in UPSC?

No, MD is not mandatory. Only graduation is the minimum requirement. So, after completing BAMS, you can apply for Ayurveda Medical Officer post through UPSC.

Is medical science optional scoring?

Medical science pros The questions asked are mostly conceptual and direct. If you follow the right strategy and work sincerely, you can score decent marks in this optional subject. The difficulty level of the UPSC medical science optional is slightly lower than the professional MBBS exam.