What are the best horse syndicates?

The best racehorse syndicates are:

  • Dooley Thoroughbreds.
  • Hambleton Racing.
  • Value Racing Club.
  • Diamond Racing.
  • Middleham Park Racing.
  • Nick Brown Racing.
  • Shamrock Thoroughbreds.
  • Nick Bradley Racing.

Who is Middleham racing?

Who are MPR? We are the UK’s most successful racehorse syndication company. A family run business, we celebrated 25 years of successful racehorse syndication in 2020. With over 1,300 winners under both codes, our well known pale blue and orange silks are regularly seen winning at top tracks and on key race days!

Who trains horses at Middleham?

We have 13 Trainers that are based in Middleham so please have a look at their pages to read further information about them.

  • Karl BurkeTrainer.
  • Liam BaileyTrainer.
  • Mark JohnstonTrainer.
  • Micky HammondTrainer.
  • Richie McGrathPre-training.
  • Simon WestTrainer.
  • Andy CrookTrainer.
  • Ben HaslamTrainer.

Can I buy a share in a racehorse?

Racehorse Ownership Club offers a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to buy a small share in a racehorse performance for a year for a one-off payment. There is no bloodstock equity and therefore there are no ongoing costs for training fees or vet bills or indeed any of the costs involved during the one-year term.

Can you make money from a horse syndicate?

Without a doubt, yes. Although it isn’t solely based on winning money, there is a chance to make some good earnings. Owning a racehorse outright is not viable for everyone, but the affordable option of joining a syndicate is.

Where does Milton Harris trainer?

Sutton Veny
MILTON HARRIS launched his training career in 2001 at Paxford in the heart of the Cotswolds. He moved into his current yard in 2018, where he now trains a growing stable of horses at a beautifully renovated facility in Sutton Veny, Warminster.

Where is Hambleton Racing based?

Hambleton Racing is established as one of the best UK horse racing syndicates.

How many trainers are there in Middleham?

15 racehorse trainers
Middleham is home to around 15 racehorse trainers and approximately 500 horses. The centre has grown considerably over the past 10 years and now hosts three all weather gallops, numerous grass gallops aswell as an impressive schooling ground, enabling horses to be taught to jump in a safe and enclosed environment.

Who is the most successful horse trainer?

Steven Mark Asmussen is undoubtedly one of the best racehorse trainers in 2021, rightfully claiming the top of this list. He has more than 9,000 wins in his entire career in North America alone and has a net worth of $4 million as of this year.

Is buying shares in a horse worth it?

For what it’s worth, anyone looking to get into a racehorse should consider just one percent, because you’re still an owner. Unless you have a horse like Winx, who was a freak, most owners will spend more money as an owner than they’ll ever earn.