What are the best topics for magazine?

Top 10 Topics to Pitch to Teenage Magazines

  • Hot Topic #1: Celebrities. Teens go crazy over celebrities.
  • Hot Topic #2: Latest Teen Styles.
  • Hot Topic #3: Music.
  • Hot Topic #4: Reviews.
  • Hot Topic #5: Top Ten Lists.
  • Hot Topic #6: Makeovers.
  • Hot Topic #7: Love Life.
  • Hot Topic #8: Beauty.

How do I write an article for a magazine?

Here are some writing tips to help you break into the world of magazine writing….6 Tips for Writing for Magazines

  1. Target your pitches carefully.
  2. Become a specialist.
  3. Do more research than you think you need.
  4. Consider the magazine’s target audience.
  5. Keep track of personnel changes among magazines.
  6. Be flexible.

What do I want to write about?

Interesting Things to Write About

  • A Life-Changing Lesson You Learned.
  • Something You Know How to Do.
  • The Life Story of Someone Important to You.
  • Something That Makes You Angry or Dissatisfied.
  • A Popular Topic (or Label) from a Different Angle.
  • Life Hacks.
  • Something Most People Don’t Know About Something.
  • How to Find Something.

How do I write my first magazine article?

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  1. Step 1: Choose a magazine.
  2. Step 2: Get to know your audience.
  3. Step 4: Choose an angle.
  4. Step 5: Write a query letter.
  5. Step 6: Know the job.
  6. Step 7: Research the topic.
  7. Step 9: Create an outline.
  8. Step 10: Write!

How do I get content ideas?

Here are the top 15 ways to source new content ideas.

  1. Create topic lists in bunches. When you’re ready to write new content, you shouldn’t be sitting down to decide what you’ll write about.
  2. Social media followers.
  3. Blog comments.
  4. Conduct interviews.
  5. Competitor websites.
  6. Google search suggestions.
  7. Recent events.
  8. Product reviews.

What to write about when you don’t know?

Write about your struggles. You may not feel very inspiring but people are often inspired by you just showing up and it’s even more powerful when they know you’re struggling to be there.

  • Write about your experiences.
  • Write about what gets you through the hard times.
  • Share Your Thoughts.
  • What makes a good magazine article?

    Find a Job

  • Membership
  • Content
  • Freelancers
  • Account Info
  • How to write a good article for a magazine?

    – Make sure the information you will give is completely accurate including details. – Unless you’re a columnist who is supposed to reveal his comments on the news, don’t give any opinion, just give information. – Depending on the subject and the general language of the newspaper/magazine you’re writing the article for, don’t use many big words.

    How do I find magazine articles?

    What Are Periodicals?

  • Finding Articles When You Don’t Have the Citation
  • Finding the Periodical When You Do Have the Article Citation
  • Locating Periodicals in Olin and Uris Libraries
  • Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals
  • Evaluating Individual Periodical Titles
  • How to organize magazine articles?

    Magazine holders. For a few dollars,you can pick up magazine holders at stores such as Ikea.

  • Scrapbooking. If you don’t want to save the entire magazine and are just interested in certain columns,advice pages,articles,or even recipes then a scrapbook is a good way
  • Seasonal.
  • Binders.
  • Scanning.
  • More Solutions.
  • Videos.
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