What are the different types of HDMI connectors?

HDMI connectors are available in three sizes: standard, mini and micro.

What is the connector that looks like HDMI?

DisplayPort: For PC DisplayPort looks similar to HDMI but is a connector more common on PCs than TVs. It still allows for high-definition video and (in many cases) audio, but its standards are a bit different.

What is HDMI PCB?

so micro HDMI PCB is of type D and this is the miniaturized version of high definition multimedia interface. These formats were introduced for combining audio and video into a single interface that is small enough to be used in smartphones, laptops, and other mini devices.

What is HDMI Micro connector?

The Micro-HDMI is a Type D connector. This cable provides HD viewing and allows for the connection of small portable equipment and devices including GoPro action cameras, SmartPhones, small video recording devices and portable media players.

What’s the difference between HDMI and DisplayPort?

HDMI and DisplayPort are both high-speed digital interfaces, but they differ in several important aspects (see the table). HDMI is used mainly for consumer electronics equipment, while DisplayPort is primarily for computer and peripheral video connections. Video monitors for personal computers are analog products.

How do I route an HDMI?

Each HDMI channel set shall be routed primarily on the top or bottom layer as a group or alternately routed as a group on internal layers. Each TMDS signal shall have single ended impedance of 50 Ω ± 10%. Each TMDS pair shall have differential impedance of 100 Ω ± 5%.

Is HDMI a differential?

The HDMI TMDS signaling employs differential transmission system.

Is micro HDMI same as HDMI?

The only difference is the size of the tip. Instead of the larger Type-A tip, the mini HDMI tip is only 10.42mm wide and 2.42mm thick. This makes it a full 60 percent smaller than the standard HDMI connector. Now, you might be wondering what the advantage is of this small size.