What are the dimensions of the dress uniform nameplate?

Nameplate. (1) Description. (a) The nameplate is a black, laminated plastic plate, 1 inch by 3 inches, 1/16 inch thick, with a white border not to exceed 1/32 inch in width.

How do you put a unit crest on ASU?

Place the service stripe at a 45-degree angle with the lower end toward the inside seam of the sleeve. Center the Regimental crest 1/2 inch above the nameplate or 1/4 inch above unit awards. and foreign badges, if worn. Center the nameplate horizontally on the right side between 1 and 2 inches above the top button.

Where does the nameplate go on the ASU white shirt?

Nameplate: centered between the top of the pocket and the top of the button on the wearer’s right side.

Where does the name tag go on an army uniform?

Name Tag: Worn centered on the pocket flap and equally spaced between the top of the pocket and the top of the button. DMS (Distinguished Military Student): Takes precedence over all other insignia worn over right pocket, i.e., Nursing badge/Academic Achievement.

What do the hash marks on a military uniform mean?

three years of honorable service
Criteria: A service stripe, commonly called a hash mark, is a decoration of the United States military which is presented to members of the U.S. Army to denote length of service. The United States Army awards each stripe for three years of honorable service.

How long is an Army name tape?

5 and 1/4 inches long
The Standard Military Nametape is 5 and 1/4 inches long by 1 inch high.

Do officers wear DUI on ASU?

By whom worn. (1) When a DUI is authorized, all personnel assigned to the organization wear the insignia, except general officers and the Sergeant Major of the Army.

How is ASU measured?

ASU Cap Measurement Guide Measure around your head, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. The tape should fall aproximately 1 inch above your eye brows, and slightly above your ears. Hold the tape snuggly, but not too tight. Use the chart below to determine your cap size.

Where does the name plate go on a uniform?

1. NAME TAGS: In the United States, proper etiquette states the name tag should be worn above the pocket on the right side of your shirt, blouse, or blazer.

Where should name tags be worn?

What side does your name tape go on Army?

The U.S. Army tape is placed on the left side, and the name tape on the right.

What do the stripes on ASU sleeves mean?

Service stripes are worn by enlisted Army personnel who are members of the Active Army, U.S. Army Reserve, and Army National Guard, with one stripe authorized for every 3 years of honorable active Federal service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard as a commissioned officer, warrant officer, or …

What size is military name tape?

The Standard Military Nametape is 5 and 1/4 inches long by 1 inch high. The Desert Sand Color comes in different size compared to the other colors.

Which side do Army name tapes go on?

The U.S. Army tape is placed on the left side, and the name tape on the right. above the sleeve braid of the coat for officer personnel, and 4 inches above and parallel to the bottom of the sleeve for enlisted personnel. Each additional bar is spaced 1/16 inch above, and parallel to the first bar.

Do officers wear rank on beret?

Security forces officers wear the same basic beret flash minus the embroidered falcon and airfield and in its place affix their polished metal rank insignia.

Do you wear a nameplate with the AGSU?

The AGSU nameplate is currently optional, but will be required to be worn with the AGSU coat, the long- and short-sleeve shirts, the Eisenhower jacket and the Heritage 564 pullover sweater by Oct. 1, 2023. Initial entry trainees will be issued their nameplate by central initial issue processing.

Can you wear a beret with AGSU?

Beret / Boots As an option, Soldiers may wear brown combat leather boot with AGSU. Only Soldiers authorized to wear the tan, green, or maroon berets.

What should be on a name tag?

Because name tags are intended to quickly show a person’s simple identity, they should only indicate first and last (surname), and affiliation.