What are the directions for Advair?

Use 1 inhalation of ADVAIR DISKUS 2 times each day. Use ADVAIR DISKUS at the same time each day, about 12 hours apart. If you miss a dose of ADVAIR DISKUS, just skip that dose. Take your next dose at your usual time.

How often do I take ADVAIR HFA?

The dosage frequency (how often it’s taken) is twice per day, about 12 hours apart. The Advair HFA dose for adults is two puffs in a strength of 45 mcg/21 mcg, 115 mcg/21 mcg, or 230 mcg/21 mcg. You’ll use the drug twice per day, about 12 hours apart.

Do you have to rinse your mouth after using Advair?

The short answer is no, you do not need to rinse your mouth after using the Spiriva. It is important however, to continue doing so after Advair use. Advair contains two important breathing medications, one of which is a low dose steroid.

How do you use Advair spacer inhaler?

Tilt head back slightly and put spacer to mouth and close lips around the mouthpiece (tongue and teeth should not block the mouthpiece opening). 6. Release medicine into spacer; squeeze down canister one time.

Can you take Advair less than 12 hours apart?

Adults and children 12 years of age and older—1 inhalation 2 times per day (morning and evening). The doses should be at least 12 hours apart. Do not use it more than 2 times every 24 hours.

Can I take Advair and albuterol at the same time?

Yes, you can use both Advair (fluticasone / salmeterol) and an albuterol inhaler, but it should not be taken together often. Albuterol inhalers are usually only used as rescue inhalers. Using the two together usually means you are not on the right medication. It can also put you at risk of heart side effects.

Can you drink water after using inhaler?

If you are using a corticosteroid inhaler, gargle and rinse out your mouth with water after use. Do not swallow the water. Swallowing the water will increase the chance that the medicine will get into your bloodstream.