What are the sources for research paper?


  • books, chapters in books (books are often easier to read than journals)
  • journal articles.
  • magazine articles.
  • newspaper articles.
  • Internet Web sites.

What is sources in research example?

Primary, secondary, and tertiary sources

Primary Sources
Examples an original letter an original diary or journal original notes from an experiment or piece of research a novel, poem or play an art work, theatrical performance or musical score or performance

What are the 5 sources of research topic?

With that said, below are five sources of a research problem:

  • Interviews. Interviews sessions can be significant sources of research problems.
  • Personal Experiences. Your everyday experiences are a good source of research problem.
  • Deductions from Theory.
  • Interdisciplinary Perspective.
  • Relevant Literature.

What are 5 Reliable Sources?

We’ve gathered here several news websites with a good reputation.

  • BBC News. BBC News is one of the most trusted sources you can ever find.
  • The Economist.
  • The Wall Street Journal.
  • Google News.
  • The Guardian.
  • CNN.

What is source example?

Source is defined as getting materials for a project, or identify the origin of something. An example of source is an American car manufacturer having parts made in China. An example of source is finding out the origin of the facts for a research paper.

What are some sources?

Types of Sources

  • Scholarly publications (Journals)
  • Popular sources (News and Magazines)
  • Professional/Trade sources.
  • Books / Book Chapters.
  • Conference proceedings.
  • Government Documents.
  • Theses & Dissertations.

What are the 10 reliable Sources?

10 Credible Sources for Research Papers

  • Taylor&Francis Online. The website is popular among researchers.
  • SAGE Publishing. This publisher is independent.
  • JSTOR. This website is a library of different sources.
  • Google Scholar.
  • Academia.
  • Scopus.
  • Google Books.
  • WorldWide Science.