What are the stats for the Cavs?

2021-22 Player Statistics

Player G FG
Lauri Markkanen24•F-C 61 313
Evan Mobley4•C 69 422
Isaac Okoro35•F-G 67 207
Cedi Osman16•F 66 247

What was Cleveland record after LeBron left?

James left Cleveland for the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency during the following off-season, and the Cavaliers regressed without their superstar, finishing 2018–19 with the same losing record (19–63) that the franchise had posted in the season after his previous departure.

Who is the greatest Cleveland Cavaliers player?

1. LeBron James, SF. James spent seven years with the Cavaliers after being selected No. 1 overall by the team in 2003 out of St.

What year did LeBron win 66 games with the Cavs?

They finished the regular season with 66 wins and 16 losses, the best record in the NBA, which easily surpassed the previous franchise best of 57–25 from the 1988–89 and 1991–92 seasons. LeBron James won his first MVP Award….

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What place are the Cavaliers in?

The Cleveland Cavaliers finished 9th in the Eastern Conference in 2021-22 with a record of 44-38.

Did Kyrie Irving make the playoffs without LeBron?

Before LeBron returned to Cleveland, Irving didn’t lead the Cavs to the playoffs once. He was young and the Cavaliers had a horrible roster, though, so we can give him a pass for the first three seasons of his career. After he left The Land and joined the Celtics, Irving didn’t play in the 2018 playoffs due to injury.

Who is the best Celtic player of all time?

5 greatest Celtics of all time

  • Kevin McHale. Kevin McHale was basically the Manu Ginobili of big men in the earlier stages of his career.
  • Paul Pierce. For today’s era of Celtics fans, Paul Pierce is their version of Larry Bird.
  • John Havlicek.
  • Larry Bird.
  • Bill Russell.

Who is currently the best player in basketball?

From The King to The Spider, here are the top 20 players in the NBA right now.

  1. 01 Joel Embiid. 1 / 20.
  2. 02 Kevin Durant. 2 / 20.
  3. 03 Giannis Antetokounmpo. 3 / 20.
  4. 04 LeBron James. USA Today Sports Images.
  5. 05 Stephen Curry. 5 / 20.
  6. 06 James Harden. 6 / 20.
  7. 07 Nikola Jokic. 7 / 20.
  8. 08 Ja Morant. 8 / 20.

What year did Mo Williams play with LeBron?

LeBron James Won 66 Games In 2009 With Mo Williams As His Second-Best Player. LeBron James has played with some special players in his career. It started with Zyrdunas Ilgauskas.