What are the tattoo laws in Hawaii?

Hawaii State Law requires parental / guardian consent for minors between the ages of 14 to 18 to be tattooed or pierced. It is prohibited to tattoo or pierce minors under the age of 14 in the state of Hawaii. Parent/guardian must approve of the design, size, and placement of the tattoo, as well as the tattoo artist.

Can you get a Polynesian tattoo if you’re not Polynesian?

If you are not of Polynesian descent, both options are equally valid.

Do you have to be Polynesian to get a tattoo?

However, you can find a few select artists who practice the traditional method of hand tapping in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the mainland US, and even a very few in Europe. Getting a tattoo by the traditional method is a strong expression of pride in their culture for people with Polynesian heritage.

Do you need a license to tattoo in Hawaii?

The sanitation branch of the Department of Health of Hawaii regulates permanent makeup as tattoo and issues licenses. In order to obtain a tattoo license in the state of Hawaii, you must: Pass a blood-borne pathogen course and mail a copy of the certificate. Fill out New Tattoo Artist License and pay $75 fee.

Is it illegal to have a tattoo behind your ear in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, it’s illegal to have a tattoo behind your ear, unless it is done under the supervision of a registered physician.

Can you get a tattoo in Hawaii?

There are nearly 150 licensed tattoo shops in Hawaii, all cleared by the Department of Health. But there are a few things to remember when committing to a permanent tattoo, and to avoid an embarrassing, lifelong reminder of a regrettable, poorly planned foray into the world of body ink.

Can I get a Samoan tattoo if I’m not Samoan?

No. You don’t have to be Samoan to get a Samoan tattoo. It’s not difficult to find a tattooist who will take your money for a bit of Samoan looking skin art.

Do you need a license to do Microblading in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, permanent makeup may only be applied by trained physicians and tattoo artists working under the supervision of a physician. These individuals must be licensed to practice.

Why are hummingbirds illegal in Hawaii?

Hummingbirds are adaptive birds that can live in many ecosystems, but they do not live in Hawaii. In fact, they are banned from being introduced into the state. Hummingbirds are banned in Hawaii because they pollinate pineapple plants, causing seeds to develop and decreasing the value of the fruit.