What area of Dallas is considered uptown?

Uptown is north of and adjacent to downtown Dallas, and is bordered by US 75 (Central Expressway) on the east, N Haskell Avenue on the northeast, the Katy Trail on the northwest, Bookhout Street and Cedar Springs Road on the west, N Akard Street on the southwest and Spur 366 (Woodall Rodgers Freeway) on the south.

What is the difference between uptown and downtown Dallas?

Uptown definitely has the edge on multi-family living, offering more than 20,000 units, while Downtown has a little over 7,100. However, both areas are within a short walk, drive or e-scooter ride to thousands of apartments, condos and townhomes, and more are being built all the time.

What cities are in Uptown Dallas?

Discover Uptown here.

  • West Village. West Village, located at McKinney and Lemmon Avenue, is Dallas’ hip and trendy place to be.
  • State-Thomas. The State Thomas neighborhood contains the largest collection of Victorian-era homes remaining in Dallas.
  • Routh South.
  • The Pearl.
  • McKinney Avenue.
  • Lemmon.
  • Oak Grove.
  • Cedar Springs.

Is Uptown Dallas safe?

When it comes to safety, Uptown Dallas is much more desirable, especially at night. Uptown Dallas is an established community, built around the concept of social interaction and neighborhood culture. Since it was designed with pedestrians in mind, it is well-lit and regularly patrolled.

Where can I walk in Uptown Dallas?

The Katy Trail is a great Uptown walk. It’s less cars and more trees. if you are in the mood for less of a street side walk, most of the Katy Trail is a tree lined path. The trail has a walking/running lane and a bike lane in the busiest section.

Is Uptown Dallas walkable?

It’s time to Enjoy & Explore. Uptown Dallas is a magnet for people who demand the best in their living spaces, and businesses who want their brands in front of a sophisticated and adventurous clientele. It’s walkable — try a 93 walkability score, the highest in Dallas. In many ways, it’s the heart of Dallas.