What can I do with a narrow side of my lawn?

Here are 14 creative ways to turn your side yard spaces from awkward to awesome.

  1. Install a Welcoming Entry Gate.
  2. Add a Stepping-Stone Path.
  3. Choose Low-Light Plantings.
  4. Think Vertically.
  5. Grow Ground Cover Between Flagstones.
  6. Construct a Compost Bin.
  7. Set Up a Potting Bench.
  8. Build a Trash Enclosure.

What do you put on the corner of a patio?

  1. Tuck in an outbuilding. This serene pavilion is well sited in this Asian-inspired garden.
  2. Create a composition with a sculpture.
  3. Add an inviting seating area.
  4. Place an ornamental tree.
  5. Light up said tree at night.
  6. Install an outdoor fireplace.
  7. Build a small pond.
  8. Mix materials.

How can I make my patio more attractive?

Make the most of your patio whatever type of the garden landscaping ideas you’ve gone for.

  1. Top with a pergola.
  2. Build in seating.
  3. Create an outdoor kitchen.
  4. Create zones with planting.
  5. Create cohesion with stepping stones.
  6. Add a pretty border.
  7. Save space with a hanging chair.
  8. Add personality with pattern.

What do you put around a patio?

  1. Install a Hedge of Hydrangeas. Add a burst of lush greenery and brilliant blooms to your patio-scape by installing a long hedgerow of hydrangeas.
  2. Combine Beauty & Function.
  3. Go Green With Grass-Block Pavers.
  4. Pet-Friendly Planting.
  5. Dress Up Your Dining Space.
  6. Keep It Simple.
  7. Build a Bird BnB.
  8. Fill Your Beds.

How do I add privacy to my corner lot?

You can make a corner lot more private without a fence by planting offensively with two-way gardening, which forms a living fence and makes your corner lot look good from the street and the yard.

How do you soften patio edges?

How do you Soften Hardscaping?

  1. Use Plants. By strategically placing plants and shrubs around your hardscaped areas, you can make your hardscape and landscape appear much softer.
  2. Add Decorative Elements. A less considered method of softening your hardscape is by using non-living objects.
  3. Plant Trees.