What can I get with my ScoreCard rewards?

ScoreCard Rewards is a rewards program offering Points for qualifying purchases. Points can be redeemed for a variety of items, such as merchandise, airfare, hotels, travel packages, and more (each, an “award”).

How do I access my ScoreCard rewards?

You can view your ScoreCard number and add it to your wallet for use within the DICK’S Mobile App. Also, any store location can look up your ScoreCard at time of purchase with a phone number or email address or you can contact customer service at 1-800-440-4002 to receive your ScoreCard number.

Can you get cash for ScoreCard rewards?

you can now redeem your points through ScoreCard Rewards for CASH! All you have to do is search “cash” within Scorecard Rewards and you’ll see the following redemption options: $100 for 10,000pts. $250 for 25,000pts.

Can I use ScoreCard rewards on Amazon?

You can use your points for eligible purchases at Amazon.com or redeem your points through Chase for cash back, gift cards, and travel.

How long does ScoreCard rewards take to ship?

How long after I place my order should I expect to receive the item(s)? Generally, merchandise rewards will be shipped via a parcel delivery service or by the U.S. Postal Service and should arrive no more than 4‐6 weeks after your order is received.

What bank uses ScoreCard rewards?

Points balances are always available on ScoreCardRewards.com, or you can call Citizens Bank Customer Service at 1-866-882-2265.

How much are ScoreCard Rewards points worth?

Points earned with the Rewards program do not have a monetary value. For every dollar you spend, 1 point is earned. You do not earn points on cash advances, balance consolidation checks, balance transfers or overdraft protection.

How do I use my ScoreCard rewards on PayPal?

Checkout with PayPal using ScoreCard Rewards Points When you shop online, choose Checkout with PayPal. Select your eligible ScoreCard Rewards Card as your payment method and check the Use ScoreCard Rewards Points option. Then, enter the number of points you’d like to apply to your purchase. It’s that easy!

What is ScoreCard CashBack reward?

Q: What is ScoreCard CashBack? A: ScoreCard CashBack is a rewards program offering CashBack Rebates for qualifying purchases. CashBack earnings will be issued as an automatic rebate annually.

Does Amazon fire you at 6 points?

They were allowed to take some time to recover, but employees worried they were being marked for catching their breath. Amazon’s has a point system to keep track of infractions. If an employee gets six points, they’re out of a job.