What can I use to block my dog from stairs?

With a pet gate installed at the base of your staircase, it will be impossible for your dog to climb the stairs. While it may block your dog’s access, you are free to come and go as you see fit, open the latch and step through – many gates even automatically close behind you.

How do I stop my puppy going upstairs?

When your dog approaches the staircase provide the verbal command such as “No stairs”. If your dog proceeds upstairs, recall him and block the stairs with your body until he retreats. If your dog moves away from the stairs, provide a food treat or play with toy, say “good”, and provide praise and affection.

What are the best baby gates for stairs?

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Baby Gate Why pick this one? This baby gate is specially designed for the top of stairs.

  • Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate Why pick this one?
  • Regalo 2-In-1 Stairway and Hallway Baby Gate
  • What is the tallest available height for a pet gate?

    Typically Tall Gates are designated as being over 38 inches in height. This height works very well for most large or giant breed dogs. Keep in mind that Giant Breed dogs are typically not jumpers!

    How to build a freestanding pet gate?

    Put two of the shelves together side-by-side the long way. Attach the long sides together at the very ends and middle using the cable ties.

  • Tighten the cable ties until they are tight enough to hold the shelves together steadily,but loose enough to serve as a hinge.
  • Next,attach the last shelf the same way.
  • How do I build a dog gate?

    Plans for How to Build a Dog Gate. The gate should stand twice as high as the ridge between his shoulder blades (known as the withers).

  • Cut the Parts.
  • Dry-Fit the Gate.
  • Mark the Spindle Locations.
  • Glue the Spindles.
  • Fasten the Spindles and Legs.
  • Secure the Panel.
  • Install the Stiles and Rails.
  • Cut and Install the Trim.
  • Mark and Drill the Feet.