What can you do with an empty barn?

What to Do With An Empty Barn: 7 Uses For Your New Barn

  1. Storing Classic Cars.
  2. Working From Home.
  3. A Studio for the Arts.
  4. Hosting Out-of-Town Guests.
  5. Running an Event Space.
  6. Selling Goods.
  7. Rescuing Animals.
  8. Suggested Upgrades To Repurpose Your Barn.

What can I do with an old horse barn?

10 Things You Can Do with an Old Barn

  1. 1) Scrap It. Maybe you think it’s an eyesore, or maybe it’s beyond repair.
  2. 3) Sell the Reclaimed Wood and Aged Metal.
  3. 4) Use It for Storage.
  4. 5) Rent Out the Storage Space.
  5. 6) Convert It to an Art Studio.
  6. 7) Make It Your Office.
  7. 8) List it On Airbnb.
  8. 9) Make It a Wedding Venue.

What type of wood is barn wood?

Old barns were made of a variety of hardwood and softwood species, depending on the region. Oak, elm, pine, Douglas fir, hickory, beech and maple were common varieties of wood used for barn construction, and each provided different building qualities and characteristics.

What should be included in a barn?

You’ll need room for shavings and bedding, drying racks, wash stalls, and more. There are three other rooms that are essential in any great horse barn design, the Tack Room, the Tool Room, and the Feed Room. Tack Rooms – It is a good idea to have a tack room that keeps all of your gear safe and dry.

Can old barns be saved?

Look into state and local barn preservation programs. Most will offer educational materials and technical help, recognition programs, and, in some cases, financial assistance. Many also help conduct survey programs and advocate for barn preservation.

Why are old barns so tall?

If rain water was allowed to sit on the roof it would eventually leak through. Therefore these barns needed to have a very high pitched roof so that rainwater would not sit and soak through.