What CHP 362?

School Pupil Activity Bus – A commercial or transit bus specifically certified by the CHP for use in transporting school pupils on school-sanctioned trips to or from school-related activities under specified conditions, but not including home-to-school or school-to-home route service.

What is a CHP generator?

CHP Technology A CHP plant consists essentially of an electrical generator combined with equipment for recovering and using the heat produced by that generator. The generator may be a prime mover such as a gas turbine or a reciprocating engine.

Can I register a salvage title in California?

Yes, you can register a car with a salvage title in California. Follow the steps mentioned below to register a salvage title in California: The first step is to apply for a Salvage Certificate. Fill out an application for Title or Registration (REG 343).

How do I clear a salvage title in California?

How to get a salvage title cleared with a rebuilt title

  1. Step 1: Repair the damage to the vehicle.
  2. Step 2: Complete the required California documentation.
  3. Step 3: Schedule an inspection with a California-approved inspector.
  4. Step 4: Go to the DMV.

Who can do bit inspection?

Section 34501.12 of the California Vehicle Code (VC) requires any person or organization directing the operation of certain trucks and/or trailers to participate in the BIT Program. The law requires the CHP to inspect California truck terminals every 25 months.

Who can perform 90 day BIT inspections?

BIT = “Biennial Inspection of Terminals” This is required by California to be performed every 90 days The actual inspection is the same as the DOT inspection. DOT = “Department of Transportation” inspection This is required Federally to be performed annually. Required annually if traveling outside of CA

Can you register a salvage title in California?

What is CHP VIN inspection?

The CHP field Division Investigative Services Unit (ISU) personnel identify vehicle makes and models with a high probability of the vehicle having identification numbers (VIN) switched or being used for stolen parts and requests the DMV refer these particular vehicles to CHP for inspection.