What did Charles do to Thaddeus?

Background. Charles performed abortions in the basement of the house in the 1920s to alleviate his family’s financial distress. Unfortunately, one of his patients told her boyfriend, who kidnapped Thaddeus and dismembered him in an act of revenge. After the pieces were returned to Dr.

What was Charles Montgomery sniffing?

He also became addicted to the drug ether. Charles’ wife Nora became frustrated with her husband’s inability to pay bills, and for being less focused in work, so she took matters into her own hands.

Why does Constance’s daughter have no eyes?

The most notable thing about Rose is the fact that both of her eyes have been gouged out, which was possibly her cause of death. (She’s also a ghost!) In fact, everything that could be said about Rose comes with a big ole’ “possibly” because she might just be the most mysterious character in the franchise.

What is the Countess baby?

Bartholomew is the child of Elizabeth and James March that Elizabeth tried to abort. He is a character in Hotel.

How did Charles bring Thaddeus back?

Charles then loses his mind and attempts to reassemble his boy, stitching him back together and using the heart of one of his “clients.” He somehow managed to resurrect the boy. When Nora found out, she attempted to nurse Thaddeus, only to discover he has a thirst for blood, not milk.

What is wrong with The Countess’s baby?

Bartholomew was born after his mother, Elizabeth, attempted to get an abortion at the Murder House. He was removed from Elizabeth during surgery and given to a nurse. The doctor told her to get rid of him but she reported that he was still alive.

What happened to Charles and Nora’s baby?

Nora and Charles’ son Thaddeus was kidnapped by the boyfriend of one of the girls Charles performed an abortion for. The police brought Charles and Nora evidence of what happened: glass jars filled with the dismembered body parts of their son. Distraught, Nora brought Charles a lace gown to bury their son in.

Who is Constances 4th child?

daughter Rose Langdon
In “Return to Murder House”, it is explicitly revealed that Constance’s 4th child is her young, blind daughter Rose Langdon.

Who were Constances 4 children?

Constance had four children: Tate, Adelaide, Beauregard, and Rose (the last of whom is unnamed and unseen until Apocalypse). She tells Vivien that her womb is “cursed” because three of her four children were born with a genetic defect, and Tate who wasn’t born with a genetic defect was a psychopath and messed-up.