What did France do during the interwar period?

France was part of the Allied force that occupied the Rhineland following the armistice. Foch supported Poland in the Greater Poland Uprising and in the Polish–Soviet War and France also joined Spain during the Rif War.

What was happening in France in the 1920s?

France emerged from the war with a large government financial obligation to those disabled by the war, to the 600,000 who had been made widows by the war and to more than 750,000 orphans. France had a labor shortage in its cities and its farmlands. Millions of acres of farmland had gone out of production.

What did France gain at the end of ww1?

France: gained Alsace-Lorraine as well as various African colonies from the German Empire, and Middle East territories from the Ottoman Empire. The African and Middle East gains were officially League of Nations Mandates.

What happened in France in 1930s?

The Great Depression in France started in about 1931 and lasted through the remainder of the decade. The crisis started in France a bit later than other countries. The 1920s economy had grown at the very strong rate of 4.43% per year, the 1930s rate fell to only 0.63%.

What economic changes occurred during the interwar years?

From 1925 to 1929, Europe entered a period of relative prosperity and stability. However, unemployment remained high, and population growth outstripped economic growth. During this time, world trade increased and speculative investment increased as the result of better economic times.

What was the French economy like in the 1920s?

The French economy grew rapidly in the 1920s. The volume of industrial production, which had fallen to 55 in 1921 (indices are in constant prices, 1913=100), reached 140 in 1930. Exports had great role in this growth: they reached 148 in 1928, representing 30 percent of manufacturing production.

What were the 1920s called in France?

The Années folles
The Années folles (French pronunciation: ​[ane fɔl], “crazy years” in French) was the decade of the 1920s in France. It was coined to describe the rich social, artistic, and cultural collaborations of the period. The same period is also referred to as the Roaring Twenties or the Jazz Age in the United States.

What did France gain in ww1?