What did Louis de Freycinet do?

Louis Claude de Saulces de Freycinet (7 August 1779 – 18 August 1841) was a French Navy officer. He circumnavigated the earth, and in 1811 published the first map to show a full outline of the coastline of Australia.

Where did Rose de Freycinet go?

By the time the Uranie had reached Gibraltar, Rose knew her passage was safe and she emerged in her finery—as the commander’s wife. The French ship was on a mission of scientific discovery: headed for Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, New Holland, the Pacific Islands and then home via Cape Horn.

How did Freycinet get its name?

One band that is known to have roamed the peninsula and Schouten Passage was the Toorernomairremener. The Freycinet Peninsula was named after a member of Nicholas Baudin’s 1802 expedition that sailed up the East Coast. By the early 1800s, whalers and sealers were working and living in the area.

Where was Louis de Freycinet born?

FranceLouis de Freycinet / Place of birth

Why is Rose de Freycinet famous?

In September 1817 she joined her husband on the Uranie disguised as a man until they left port. She was the first woman to complete an account of the three-year circumnavigation in a ‘series of intimate letters which took the form of a diary’.

What did Rose de Freycinet discovered?

Aboard the Uranie Louis de Freycinet had earlier participated in the Baudin voyage that produced the first map of the Australian coastline in the period 1801-3.

Who discovered Freycinet?

Freycinet was first discovered by Abel Tasman in 1642, when navigating the east coast of Tasmania named Schouten Island and the peninsula Vanderlyn’s Eylandt (believing it to be a chain of islands). This myth was dispelled during the visit of Nicholas Baudin, the French explorer, in 1802-03.

Who discovered Wineglass Bay?

Wineglass Bay was discovered by two brothers whose name goes by Claude and Louis. They discovered this tiny place on the eastern side of the Tasmania peninsula. Since this place also has the famous Freycinet national park nearby there is a lot to do at this Tasmania’s east coast shore.

What was the impact of Rose de Freycinet journey?

Rose recorded life aboard ship, observations of the people and places they visited, scientific work of the expedition, relationships between men and women, and the work of artist Jacques Arago. She had a keen eye for detail and created vivid descriptions of the strange and exotic places they visited.

Where was Rose de Freycinet born?

Saint-Julien-du-Sault, FranceRose de Freycinet / Place of birthSaint-Julien-du-Sault is a commune in the Yonne department in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in north-central France. Wikipedia

What is Freycinet named after?

explorer Louis de Freycinet
Nicholas Baudin named the peninsula after French explorer Louis de Freycinet. Baudin also named Cape Baudin, Cape Faure, Cape Forestier and Thouin Bay, although that bay is now known as Wineglass Bay.

What does Freycinet mean?

Freycinet gauge, standard governing the dimensions of the locks of some canals.