What dinosaurs did Corythosaurus live with?

The two species of Corythosaurus are both present in slightly different levels of the Dinosaur Park Formation. Both still co-existed with theropods and other ornithischians, like Daspletosaurus, Brachylophosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Scolosaurus, and Chasmosaurus.

When did Corythosaurus go extinct?

When did the Corythosaurus become extinct? The exact timeline as to when the Corythosaurus may have become extinct is not known, however, we do know that these dinosaurs lived during the late cretaceous period. The Cretaceous period is estimated to have ended around 66 million years ago, with a meteor collision.

What did Corythosaurus eat?

Diet: Herbivore (plant-eater), perhaps eating pine needles, conifers, ginkgos, seeds, cycads, twigs, and magnolia leaves.

How big is a Corythosaurus?

6.6 ft.Corythosaurus / Height (At the hips)

How many Corythosaurus are on Isla Sorna?

If these animals were a separate group from the herd seen earlier in the day, there would have been at least 111 Corythosaurus on Isla Sorna as of July 18. This would make them the most common dinosaur on the island, excepting native bird species.

What did the Corythosaurus look like?

Corythosaurus had a hollow, bony crest on top of its long head in the shape of a helmet flattened on the sides. This duck-billed dinosaur walked and ran on two legs, and was a relatively fast dinosaur. It may have gone on all fours to forage for low-lying plants.

How long did the Corythosaurus live?

Corythosaurus stood about 30 feet tall and weighed between 3 and 4 tons. It lived about 77–75.7 million years ago, during the Upper Cretaceous Period, in the area now known as North America….Corythosaurus Fact File.

Name Corythosaurus
Food Herbivore
Length 30 feet
height 7 feet at the hip
weight 3-4 tons

Can the Corythosaurus live alone?

Like others of its family, it prefers a moderately large enclosure but otherwise has modest social needs. It is the first hadrosaur with a social requirement that requires multiple of its own species to maintain its comfort level but otherwise has a high population limit.

Is Corythosaurus a meat eater?

Is Corythosaurus a carnivore? Definitely not. It was a duck-billed dinosaur and an ornithopod; therefore, it was a herbivore.