What do dive flags mean?

A dive flag indicates that scuba divers are nearby. In some areas, flying a dive flag while scuba diving is required by law, but in general it’s a good idea for safety reasons. Dive boats fly a flag to let other vessels know that divers are below. You can fly a flag from a dive float you take with you into the water.

What does a divers down symbol mean?

A Diver Down Flag indicates that a diver is down underwater. This warns boaters to not come too close, thus, keeping the diver safe from the boat and propeller when going down or coming up from a dive. The diver down flag should be flown from a vessel or a buoy when divers are in the water.

What are the 2 diver down flags?

There are two types of diver down flags used both nationally and internationally: the diver down flag and the alpha flag. The most commonly used of the two is the diver down flag, which is a red flag with a white diagonal stripe.

What is an Alpha dive flag?

Description. The Alpha Dive Flag is a must have for any spearo to ensure your safety in the water. The flag is intended to be attached to a flag pole on your float, and gives additional visibility to the float and consequently your location in the water.

What does the blue and white dive flag mean?

Alfa Flag: A blue-and-white International Code Flag A (or Alfa flag), at least 3.3 feet (one meter) high and visible from all directions, is required and must be displayed on vessels whenever these vessels are restricted in their ability to maneuver by the diving operation.

What does a diver down flag look?

Divers Flag: A rectangular red flag, at least 15 x 15 inches, with a white diagonal stripe is used to indicate the presence of a submerged diver in the area.

Why is the dive reflex important?

The dive reflex is believed to aid in the conservation of oxygen stores in mammals by initiating several specific physiologic changes during aquatic immersion.

What is a blue and white dive flag?