What do I do with my Bonus Bonds NZ?

In a wind-up situation, no Bonus Bonds can be purchased or redeemed and we will return funds to bondholders as they become available. There will no longer be a monthly prize draw. You are not able to cash in your Bonus Bonds, instead you will receive one or more distributions from the Scheme during the wind-up process.

Are NZ Bonus Bonds still valid?

After over five decades of Bonus Bonds, ANZ Investment Services (NZ) Ltd announced on August 26, 2020 that it would stop accepting new investments.

Why is Bonus Bonds closing?

Why is the Bonus Bonds scheme being wound up? Low interest rates reduced the size of the Bonus Bonds prize pool, so last year the decision was made to wind up the scheme.

How do I find my Bonus Bond access number?

If you have forgotten your access number, call us Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm NZT on 0800 266 374 or if overseas call +64 3 474 1299 (charges may apply).

How do I find my old Bonus Bonds NZ?

call our contact centre team Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm NZT on 0800 266 374 or + 64 3 474 1299 from outside of NZ (charges may apply) and we’ll let you know what information we need from you and how you can provide this; or.

How much are NZ Bonus Bonds worth?

How much will you get and when will you get it? The ANZ expect to make a payment of $1.10 for each Bonus Bond held, in December this year. If there are any remaining funds when the Bonus Bonds scheme wind-up is finalised, Bondholders may receive another small payment at a later date.

Do Bonus Bonds expire?

50 years after being created Bonus Bonds are to be closed down. Bonus Bond investors who held on to their bonds will get $1.10 for each of them, ANZ Investment Services says.

What date will Bonus Bonds be paid out?

December 2021
Final repayments for the Bonus Bond scheme will begin in mid-December 2021. ANZ is urging all bondholders to get in touch so we can make sure we have their contact details.

When did Bonus Bonds start in NZ?

Bonus Bonds was a New Zealand unit trust founded in 1970 with a reward scheme based on cash prizes.

Has Bonus Bonds been paid out?

All bondholders who continued to hold Bonus Bonds after the wind-up was announced on 31 October 2020, and have updated their bank account details, will be paid out. We commenced making payments in December 2021, of $1.10 per Bonus Bond held in our first payment.

Do you pay tax on Bonus Bonds?

​Bonus Bonds pays all tax on the prizes (the interest), which means whatever you win won’t be treated as income.

Are Bonus Bonds taxed?

If the total distributions a unit holder is entitled to from the winding-up process are more than $1 for each Bonus Bond held then the part of the amount of the distribution which exceeds $1 for each Bonus Bond held may be taxable.