What do the numbers mean on my water softener?

The salt dose scale on a typical water softener indicates the number of pounds of salt to be used in each water softener recharge cycle. Shown at left, the pointer knob is set to between 14 and 15 pounds of salt on an Autotrol salt dose control (a high setting by the way).

How do I set my water softener timer?

To adjust the time, press the down arrow (or up arrow, depending on what time you are changing to). Hold the arrow until you reach the correct time of day. Then, press the cycle button (which looks like a circular pattern of arrows) and you’re all done!

What hardness level should my water softener be set at?

🤔 What Level Should My Water Softener Hardness Setting Be Set To?

Water Hardness (GPG) Iron (PPM) Hardness Setting
10 2.5 22
20 .5 22
20 1.5 26
20 2.0 32

How many gallons of water does it take for regeneration?

How many gallons of water does it take to regenerate? During regeneration, a typical water softener for a family of 4 uses approximately 35 to 65 gallons of water, depending on the size of the water softener.

How do I reset the regeneration time on my water softener?

Press and hold the “REGEN” button for three seconds for immediate regeneration — you will hear a beep confirming the unit is regenerating. Users can set the desired regeneration time by pressing the “REGEN” button once and then use the “+” and “-” buttons to set the exact time and day for regeneration to occur.

Is the higher the number the softer the water?

In short, the answer is No. The softener is designed to always produce water between 0-3 gpg (soft water). When setting your hardness number, you are telling the softener how many hardness minerals are in your raw city/well water.