What do you mix with sour monkey?

Great as a shooter on its own or as a mixer half/half with Lemonade or Mountain Dew.

How do you make a sour Monkey cocktail?

Sour Monkey Cocktail Recipe

  1. Ingredients. 2 oz Monkey Shoulder whiskey.
  2. Instructions. Shake all ingredients with ice, strain and serve in a chilled glass with 3 to 4 ice cubes.
  3. Vanilla sugar syrup. 2 cups sugar.
  4. More Monkey Shoulder Whiskey Cocktail Recipes.

What do you mix with sourz?

In a highball glass, pour one shot of Sourz raspberry and one shot of Sourz cherry over cubed ice, add a squeeze of lime and top up with lemonade. Give it a stir. Garnish with a blackberry and an orange wedge and serve. …

What mixes well with Monkey Shoulder?

Plays really great in, instead of a rye or a bourbon or a gin, a Negroni or a Boulevardier. It plays great with drinks like Old Fashioneds, but anything that has great citrus notes, that if it really does well and pairs with orange notes, Monkey Shoulder plays great in that space.

Can you drink sour monkey straight?

This tasty liqueur is versatile enough to drink neat over ice or with a hint of citrus fruit for a refreshing choice, or use as a mixer for a great cocktail.

What alcohol is sour monkey?

Description. Sour Monkey is a delicious sour Liqueur infused with vivacious fresh Apple flavour. it will tease your tongue with a sweet fruity burst, then suddenly a sharp sour tang will pucker your lips and shock your senses.

What is in a sour monkey?

Born from the same imported malts, Belgian yeast, and a mix of magical spices, this monkey decided to take a walk on the tangy side. With a swirling citrusy, lemon bite and a delectable essence, you better pucker up and respect this monkey….TASTEFULLY TART MYSTICAL FLAVORS.

abv 9.5%
malt Pilsner
hops Tettnang

What is similar to sour monkey?

TapHunter Users’ Top 10 Sour Beers

  • SeaQuench Ale. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery || Session Sour • 4.9% ABV • 10 IBU.
  • Monks Cafe Flemish Sour Red. Brouwerji Van Steenberge || Flanders Red Ale • 5.5% ABV • 25 IBU.
  • Sour Monkey.
  • Dark Swan.
  • Aunt Sally.
  • Tart N’ Juicy Sour IPA.
  • Wild Sour Series: Here Gose Nothin’
  • Key Lime Pie.

Is Monkey Shoulder meant to be mixed?

Monkey Shoulder can be consumed neat or over ice, but where it excels is in mixed drinks. This is a blended scotch that drinks like a whiskey. Monkey Shoulder is a superb blended malt scotch whisky, made with single malts.