What do you wear to Holy Communion?

Therefore, you should wear attire that is “church appropriate.” Think modest. Do wear: Collared shirts, button-up shirts, ties, dress pants, dress shoes or loafers are appropriate for men and young boys. Skirts/dresses at or below the knee, sleeved blouses.

Why are first communion dresses white?

Therefore, your son or daughter should be dressed to the best of their ability to greet the Lord in reverence. White is the symbol for purity in the Church. Wearing white on First Communion Day is reminiscent of the white gowns worn at the Sacrament of Baptism, when your child first entered the Catholic faith.

Do Holy Communion dresses have to be white?

First Communion Do’s A light-colored dress, preferable a white dress or ivory. The dress should be simple with easy cuts and designs, below the knee or calf length. White or ivory-colored ankle socks or tights. However, these are entirely optional.

What Colour is a communion dress?

Typically, a communion dress is worn in white or ivory, with white being the most preferred colour by the majority of Catholic churches as this represents purity. Although, check with the church first to see if they will allow different shades of white or ivory.

What should mother wear to communion?

For the Mom

  • Both dress or suit are usually welcomed as long as it fits your size and makes you feel comfortable rather than feel tugging at for the day.
  • Perfect dress color would be a light or pastel color but it’s ok to wear a dress in another color as well.

What do parents wear to communion?

Khaki pants that aren’t cargo-style are acceptable. A nice sweater, collared shirt or suit jacket is appropriate on top. A suit and tie is very acceptable, but not necessary. Clean dress shoes with matching dress socks should be worn on the feet.

Why do First Holy Communion dresses look like wedding dresses?

Because Confirmation is a ritual that symbolizes the child’s ‘coming-of-age’ and their dedication to Christ in their adult life, the bride-like design of the traditional Confirmation dress was symbolic of women’s purity before marriage – as well as the theological concept that, while commitment to marriage is good.

What should parents wear to First Holy Communion?

The general consensus is to wear a modest, church-conscious outfit that can be colorful and flattering. A good rule of thumb is to wear celebratory colors. Avoid spaghetti straps, short dresses, low cut dresses, shirts, slippers, and flip flops.

What parents wear to first communion?

How do you wear a communion veil?

The communion veil would entirely cover the girl’s head. During Mass, just a wisp of hair was allowed to seen from underneath the veil. The veils could fall to the hem of the dress – even to the heels of the girl’s shoes.