What does a CAT D6 dozer weight?

49108 lb

Operating Weight 49108 lb 22275 kg
Ground Pressure 7.1 psi 49 kPa
Width of Standard Shoe 24 in 610 mm
Blade Capacity 5.4 yd³ 4.1 m³

How much does a 1970 D6 weigh?

Caterpillar D6

Dimensions & Tracks
Wheelbase: 85.625 inches 217 cm
Weight: 16695 to 17330 pounds
16-inch tracks
Full dimensions and tracks …

How much does a 1980 D6 dozer weight?

Caterpillar D6 Specs

MAKE Caterpillar
ASPIRATION turbocharged
OPERATING WEIGHT 20359.7 lb / 9235 kg

What horsepower is a Cat D6 dozer?

The 215-horsepower Caterpillar D6 dozer offers either electric drive (XE) or fully automatic powertrain, with operating weight ranging from 47,949 to 53,126 pounds.

How big is a D6 Cat dozer?

The Caterpillar D6 track-type tractor is a medium bulldozer manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. with a nominal operating weight of 18 tons. The military versions were classified as the SNL G152 medium tractor, under the G-numbers classification system used for army tractors.

How much does a D8 Caterpillar weigh?

about 80,000 lb

Caterpillar D8
Width 101 in (260 cm)
Height 156 in (400 cm)
Weight about 80,000 lb (36,000 kg) depending upon year, model and accessories.
Propulsion tracks

How much does a cat d6t weight?

45082 lb

Operating Weight 45082 lb 20449 kg
Operating Weight – STD A-Blade 44024 lb 19969 kg
Operating Weight – STD SU-Blade 42834 lb 19429 kg
Operating Weight – XL A-Blade 45550 lb 20661 kg
Operating Weight – XL SU-Blade 45082 lb 20449 kg

How much does a cat D6T weight?

What does a cat d6d weight?

20359.7 lbs
Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 62.9 gal (238 l)
Hydraulic Fluid Capacity 12.1 gal (46 l)
Operating Weight 20359.7 lbs (9,235 kg)

What engine is in a cat D6?

Both the 60 inch gauge D6 (4R series) and 74 inch gauge D6 (5R series) were powered by the new Caterpillar D468 6-cylinder diesel engine which produced 72 flywheel horsepower.

How much fuel does a D6 dozer use?

A Caterpillar D6 dozer is said to burn between 3.5 gal. (13.3 L) and 6.5 gal. (24.7 L) of diesel an hour when operating under moderate conditions. Fuel consumption of larger dozers like the D11 can be five times that much.