What does a samurai tattoo mean?

They also used meditation to help them through the tough times and to allow them to have razor sharp focus at all times. If you want to have a tattoo that represents bravery and honor, then a Samurai tattoo is the one for you. Below are 41 Unique Samurai Tattoos That Will Make You Feel Like a Badass:

What are the most meaningful tattoo designs?

A samurai tattoo is definitely one of the most beautiful and most meaningful tattoos that you can have on your body. This will certainly make you look awesome in the eyes of many people. Just be careful to choose the best design that perfectly fits your physical appearance and unique personality.

What do different religious tattoos mean?

Religious tattoos are quite popular in different countries across the world. A Christian would get oneself a cross tattoo or a Hindu would get an om tattoo or an image of God. Here is an example that shows a combination of the cross and different symbols that represent the phrase ” God is greater than Ups and Lows”.

What is an example of a personal meaning tattoo?

In addition a particular design or symbol may have a personal meaning. An example of a personal meaning would be choosing a Polynesian style tattoo because you have Polynesian ancestry. What meaning do you want to symbolize with your tattoo?


The Samurai sword tattoo is a popular image associated with the Samurai’s ability to be agile on the battlefield. The sword tattoo symbolizes grace in the face of danger and that you have great strength and resourcefulness when coming up against challenges. Oni tattoos are meant to ward off evil and tell people not to mess with you.

What is a Samoan tattoo?

The Samoan tattoo is a traditional tattoo design called the “tatau.” The tattoos are culturally depictions of Samoa. Getting these tattoos are considered to be a source of culture and heritage and the act of getting a tattoo for a young Samoan man is a very big deal.

What does a self embracing tattoo mean?

This self-embracing tattoo is a modern representation of self-love. It is one of the most popular tattoos with meanings amongst women. The flowers sprouting in place of the head represent the growth of character. It is symbolic of one’s journey towards self-realization and acceptance.