What does a SpeedFlex mean?

SpeedFlex builds upon technology used in earlier helmet models. Some of its features: Selected parts of the helmet flex, in order to reduce impact-force transfer to the athlete’s head. Flex is engineered into the helmet’s shell, facemask, and attachment system.

Does Tom Brady have a SpeedFlex?

In 2019, Tom Brady was forced to update his helmet to something more protective. His choice was the Riddell Speedflex.

What is so special about a SpeedFlex?

The SpeedFlex helmet features a bold new look with a cool, aggressive streamlined shell design. The stainless steel facemask offers better field vision for the player while the padding materials inside the helmet help to absorb impact energy while retaining position and purpose over extended durations of play.

Which is lighter F7 or SpeedFlex?

Both shells are considered light by traditional football helmet standards, but the F7 has a bit of an edge, checking in at just 3.3 lbs (without a facemask) for a size large shell. A size large SpeedFlex (without a facemask) has a weight of 3.45 lbs, making it slightly heavier, but not by a large number.

Who made the SpeedFlex?

Riddell today officially introduced the SpeedFlex, a new helmet that reduces impact force transfer to the athlete by selectively adding flexibility to key helmet components.

When was the SpeedFlex invented?

The SpeedFlex helmet from Riddell burst onto the scene in 2014. Its safety features and unique design were a big hit among the initial players that made the switch.

How much is a diamond Speedflex?

Riddell Speedflex DIAMOND – $514.99.

Whats Tom Bradys top speed?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady posts his pass velocity on Instagram hitting 61 mph.

Are SpeedFlex helmets safer?

Riddell Speedflex is one of the top helmets on the Virginia Tech helmet safety ranking, with a score of 4.49 (the lower, the better) and 5 stars. Speedflex isn’t the safest helmet tested by Virginia Tech, but it’s pretty up there.

Do Oakley visors work on SpeedFlex?

Yes, the Oakley visor is compatible with the Speed Flex helmets youth or adult. As a recommendation, you can also purchase the Oakley Pro or the SHOC Zero-G Plus visors which are compatible with the Speed flex helmet.

What helmet does Jarvis Landry wear?

Schutt’s constant innovation has culminated in an impressive helmet, the F7 VTD. The F7 VTD is worn by players like Jarvis Landry, Kenyan Drake, Mark Ingram and James Robinson.