What does a stem-and-leaf plot tell you?

A good stem and leaf plot. shows the first digits of the number (thousands, hundreds or tens) as the stem and shows the last digit (ones) as the leaf. usually uses whole numbers. Anything that has a decimal point is rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, test results, speeds, heights, weights, etc.

What is a comparative stem-and-leaf plot?

A stem-and-leaf plot is a type of plot that displays data by splitting up each value in a dataset into a “stem” and a “leaf.”

Are stem and leaf plots useful for large sets of data?

​Stem-and-leaf plots are particularly useful for large sets of data. What is an advantage of using a​ stem-and-leaf plot instead of a​ histogram? A. Stem-and-leaf plots contain original data values where histograms do not.

How do you describe the stem-and-leaf plot distribution?

Steps to Interpreting a Stem Plot The stems are on the left of the vertical line and the leaves are on the right. The stems are usually the first digit of a number. So if you have a value of 25, 2 is the stem that goes on the left of the vertical line and 5 is the leaf that goes on the right.

What are the advantages of stem-and-leaf plots?

Stem and Leaf Plot Advantages The plot can be constructed quickly using pencil and paper. The values of each individual data point can be recovered from the plot. The data is arranged compactly since the stem is not repeated in multiple data points.

What are the advantages of stem and leaf plots?

How do you create a stem and leaf plot?

Action 1: Establish the tiniest as well as biggest number in the information. The video game statistics:

  • Action 2: Determine the stems
  • Action 3: Attract an upright line as well as checklist the stem numbers to the left of the line.
  • Action 4: Fill out the fallen leaves.
  • Action 5: Arrange the fallen leave information.
  • How do you calculate a stem and leaf plot?

    Say what the stem and leaf mean ( Stem “2” Leaf “3” means 2.3)

  • In this case each leaf is a decimal
  • It is OK to repeat a leaf value
  • 5.0 has a leaf of “0”
  • How do you interpret stem and leaf plots?

    Skewed data. When data are skewed,the majority of the data are located on the high or low side of the graph.

  • Outliers. Outliers,which are data values that are far away from other data values,can strongly affect your results.
  • Multi-modal data. Multi-modal data have multiple peaks,also called modes.
  • What is the median of a stem and leaf plot?

    Median = middle value Cross off the data in the Stem and Leaf diagram until you get to the middle values (crossing off from each end as you go along): You cannot have two medians, so the median will be half-way between 1 and 3. The highest value is 31. The lowest value is 17.