What does BKB dispel?

Black King Bar applies a basic dispel on cast allowing to clear out most negative status debuffs. Instead of casting it hastily to engage at first sight, a reactive activation against a debuff will be more beneficial.

Does Basher go through BKB?

Basher is not in any way a hard counter to BKB between the fact that it only has a 25% chance to even proc for melee heroes, lasts 1 second and has an internal cooldown so you can’t just chain bash people even if you had a ton of attack speed. You actually could chainbash in dota 1.

Does Root go through BKB?

Many root statuses go through BKB, but they all have some level of trade-off, either being a long-cooldown ultimate (Treant), or pseudo-random chance (Lone Druid’s bear).

Does BKB stop orchid?

Abyssal goes through BKB but things like orchid don’t. Depends if the disables pierces spell immunity. BKB essentially gives you 100% Magic Resistance and Spell Immunity.

Does BKB block silence?

If you Global Silence while an enemy is spell immune, they’ll get silenced. If you do it before they go spell immune, they can purge the silence by activating BKB.

Does treant ULT cancel black hole?

Treant Protector – Overgrowth can cancel Black Hole even through spell immunity. Vengeful Spirit – Nether Swap can cancel Black Hole even through spell immunity.

Does Root cancel TP?

Root (also known as a Net, Entangle, or Ensnare) is a status effect that roots units in place and prevents them from moving or casting most movement altering abilities. Rooted units can still turn, attack, cast spells, and use items. Root cancels Town Portal Scrolls and prevents them from being used.

What stops pure damage dota2?

Physical Damage is reduced by Armor or Damage Block, Magical Damage is reduced by Magic Resistance and Magical Damage Barrier, while Pure Damage is not generally reduced by anything (except for damage reduction, e.g. Defense Matrix, which affects all damage types).