What does Brandon Semenuk ride?

Brandon Semenuk’s 2021 Red Bull Rampage build is the bike you’d expect a five-time Joyride and three-time Rampage champion to ride. With big travel, and big trick potential, his custom 27.5 / 26 mulleted Trek Session is set up with a one-of-a-kind BlackBox AXS drivetrain, and a 190mm single crown RockShox ZEB Ultimate.

What bike does Emil Johansson ride?

Emil Johansson’s custom-painted Trek Slash 2021 From Downhill to BMX, or like in this edit, his brand new Trek Slash Enduro bike. With its custom-painted Trek frame and Industry Nine wheels and hubs, it is 100% drool-worthy.

How many times has Brandon Semenuk won joyride?

He is a five-time Red Bull Joyride winner, X-Games Real MTB Gold Medalist (2021), and X-Games Silver medalist (2013) in the Mountain Bike Slopestyle event. Red Bull Rampage winner; 2008, 2016, 2019 and 2021 – the 1st person to win Rampage four-times.

How many times has Brandon Semenuk won rampage?

Brandon Semenuk’s winning run Semenuk made it three overall Rampage titles with his win in 2019.

What autoimmune disease did Emil Johansson have?

Having mysteriously disappeared from the scene in early 2018, there were real fears Johansson would never ride again. A diagnosis of autoimmune conditions Epstein-Barr and Hashimoto’s Disease was the beginning of the road to recovery for Johansson.

How much does Emil Johansson make?

Contract History

2017-2018 2018-2019
Base Salary $650,000 $675,000
Signing Bonuses $92,500 $92,500
Total Salary $742,500 $767,500
Minors Salary $70,000 $70,000

How did Brandon Semenuk get started in mountain biking?

Brandon Semenuk. Growing up in the mountain bike paradise of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, there was no way Brandon Semenuk was not going to learn how to ride a mountain bike at a young age. His older brother got him into the sport when Semenuk was just six years old and, by age nine, he started entering cross country races on the BC circuit.

What is Craig Semenuk doing now?

More recently, Semenuk has focused on his own production company, Revel Co., producing groundbreaking shorts and films such as Revel in the Chaos, a full-length film showcasing Semenuk’s otherworldly riding abilities.

How old was Max Semenuk when he started racing?

His older brother got him into the sport when Semenuk was just six years old and, by age nine, he started entering cross-country races on the BC circuit. Competing in his first BC Cup race aged just nine, it didn’t take long for Semenuk to dominate the cross-country circuit — and quickly burn out on the race scene.

What does Roman Semenuk do in his free time?

While focusing heavily on filming has taken over much of Semenuk’s free time, he still makes a few cameos on the competition scene, winning Red Bull Rampage in 2016, 2019 and again in 2021 with a truly ground-breaking run that made the first-ever four-time winner of mountain biking’s gnarliest event.