What does DHT band mean?

Dance House Trance
DHT (sometimes stylized as D.H.T., acronym for Dance House Trance) were a Belgian duo consisting of singer Edmée Daenen (born 25 March 1985 in Kortrijk) and Flor Theeuwes, also known as DJ Da Rick (born 28 August 1976 in Turnhout).

Where is the band DHT from?

Brussels, BelgiumDHT / Origin

Who sings Listen to Your Heart remake?

RRoxette’s late-’80s classic “Listen to Your Heart” is back on Billboard’s charts, this time re-imagined as a hard rock anthem. Through Fire’s version debuts at No. 40 on the Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart dated March 21. It’s the latest rendition of the song to reach a chart, following DHT’s in 2005.

What genre is Listen to Your Heart?

Pop rock
Listen to Your Heart/Genres

What movie was Listen To Your Heart by Roxette in?

Listen to Roxette’s ‘Listen to Your Heart’ from Freaks — You’re One of Us. The German movie Freaks — You’re One of Us has an excellent soundtrack — particularly when it comes to the first few songs featured on the film.

Will there be a listen to your heart Season 2?

Therefore, new content might be on the way, as well as follow-ups to past relationships. Fans of the musical romance spin-off show will have to stay tuned for confirmation that The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart will be returning for a second season.

What is the meaning of listen to your heart?

Rather than relying on your mind, listening to your heart means figuring out what you feel and going with what. Listening to your heart doesn’t just apply to relationships and dating, but also your career and personal life.

Did The Bachelor listen to your heart get Cancelled?

The song is over for The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. The series, which aired over just six weeks from April to May 2020, has likely been canceled as a different Bachelor spin-off will be replacing it on ABC’s schedule this year.

Is The Bachelor Cancelled 2021?

Subscribe for free alerts on The Bachelor cancellation or renewal news. 9/29/21 update: The Bachelor has been renewed for a 26th season on ABC.