What does distinctly mean mean?

in a distinct manner; clearly
in a distinct manner; clearly: Speak more distinctly. without doubt; unmistakably.

What does average mean in the dictionary?

average. / (ˈævərɪdʒ, ˈævrɪdʒ) / noun. the typical or normal amount, quality, degree, etcabove average in intelligence. Also called: arithmetic mean the result obtained by adding the numbers or quantities in a set and dividing the total by the number of members in the setthe average of 3, 4, and 8 is 5.

What is another word for distinctly?

What is another word for distinctly?

clearly plainly
manifestly markedly
patently palpably
blatantly conspicuously
decidedly evidently

What is the difference between distinctly and distinctively?

Thus, “distinctively” is used when someone said something “in a special way” for a special effect, such as distinguishment, while “distinctly” is clearly, or unmistakably. He spoke distinctively/He spoke in a manner that was notable for its difference/in a manner so that he can distinguish something he is saying.

What does distinct mean in math?

Different. Not identical. this page updated 19-jul-17.

What is distinct example?

The definition of distinct is separate from or different from. An example of distinct is an identity separate from that of your twin.

What is the average definition with example?

Average is the central value of a given set of values. For example, the average of 3 and 5 is equal to (3+5)/2 = 8/2 = 4. Hence, 4 is the central value for 3 and 5.

Does average mean good or bad?

(informal) Not outstanding, not good, banal; bad or poor. (informal) To compute the arithmetic mean of. If you average 10, 20 and 24, you get 18. Over a period of time or across members of a population, to have or generate a mean value of.

What is the opposite of distinctly?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for distinctly. furtively, privately, secretively, secretly.

How do you use the word distinctly in a sentence?

Distinctly sentence example. I remember distinctly when she first attempted to read a little story. She heard voices in the dining room, one distinctly male. Narrow shoulders, rounded hips and a petite frame were distinctly feminine.

What is distinctive difference?

adjective. If something is distinct from something else of the same type, it is different or separate from it. […]

What does as distinct from mean?

phrase. If you say that you are talking about one thing as distinct from another, you are indicating exactly which thing you mean. There’s a lot of evidence that oily fish, as distinct from fatty meat, has a beneficial effect.