What does epic meal time do with leftovers?

When the meal is truly too large for reasonable consumption, they call volunteers from local soup kitchens to come retrieve the leftovers. Epic Meal Time has also partnered with FeedingAmerica.org to re-home their epic fare.

How many calories are in a bacon explosion?

5,000 calories
The Bacon Explosion — the whole log — is 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat.

Who owns Epic mealtime?

Harley Morenstein
Harley Morenstein is the creator of popular online cooking series Epic Meal Time.

Is Josh Elkin from Epic Meal Time?

Josh Elkin is an actor, known for Epic Meal Time (2010), HOBOrculosis (2014) and Epic Gaming Time (…

How old is Harley from Epic Meal Time?

36 years (July 20, 1985)Harley Morenstein / Age

Who left Epic Meal Time?

If you’ve been watching Epic Meal Time for long enough then you’ve noticed that the 5 – 7 man crew has dwindled within the past year. As early as January 8, 2013, the sullen, surly character “Muscles Glasses” — played by Alex Perrault — was no longer appearing in Epic Meal Time videos.

Why is it called a bacon bomb?

A question that once appeared on certification exams asked, “What is a Bacon Bomb?” The answers on the exam varied from plausible: reference to the container used in the Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (formerly Rotating Bomb Oxidation Test), to the ridiculous: the name of a sample that sizzles and pops …

Who invented the bacon weave?

The Bacon Explosion is made of bacon, sausage, barbecue sauce, and barbecue seasoning or rub. The bacon is assembled in a weave to hold the sausage, sauce, and crumbled bacon….Bacon Explosion.

A Bacon Explosion on a grill
Type Meat
Created by Aaron Chronister and Jason Day
Invented 2008
Serving temperature Hot

Why did Muscles Glasses quit?

Alex Perrault, who portrayed Muscles Glasses on screen, was actually a compensated actor, though he left the show in 2013 after a reported feud with Morenstein. Perrault has since moved on to helm SportsManias, a sports-themed YouTube channel co-created by Lemco.

What is Harley morenstein doing?

He co-created, produces, and hosts the YouTube show Epic Meal Time and its FYI television spin-off series Epic Meal Empire. He also runs a successful vlog channel.

How tall is Harley Epic Meal Time?

6′ 6″Harley Morenstein / Height

What is a Bacon bomb sampler?

Description. This plated brass sampling device allows you to retrieve a sample from the bottoms of storage tanks, tank cars and drums in order to best detect contaminants. When monitoring tanks, it is important to. detect free water and sediment which reside at the bottom of the tank.