What does Horrid Henry call Perfect Peter?

Perfect Peter is Horrid Henry’s younger brother and Mum and Dad’s youngest son. Henry knows him as a ‘smelly nappy baby’, a ‘worm’ and a ‘toad’ because Henry doesn’t appear to like him and his toys as he thinks they are babyish and boring. Peter is slightly spoiled by Mum and Dad (mostly Mum).

Why did Horrid Henry get Cancelled?

Hundreds wrote back – with many admitting that they had switched off the programme due to copycat behaviour, or because they were “simply fed up of getting called a worm”. But some mothers revealed that their children are allowed to watch the programme and read the books at school.

Is Peter from Horrid Henry a boy or a girl?

The main character: It’s Horrid Henry, he has got a young brother his name is Perfect Peter. He is a little and horrid boy who doesn’t like anything. A summary of some of the stories: Horrid Henry’s birthday party.

Is Perfect Peter Evil?

Type of Villain Perfect Peter is one of the main antagonists and the deuteragonist in the Horrid Henry franchise. He was voiced by Emma Tate in the animated TV series adaptation, and portrayed by Ross Marron in the 2011 live action film adaptation.

Is Perfect Peter annoying?

Peter, often referred to as Perfect Peter, is a main character in the Horrid Henry series created by American author Francesca Simon and British illustrator Tony Ross….Peter (Horrid Henry)

Gender: Male
Type: Annoying Gary Stu
Media of Origin: Horrid Henry

Is Perfect Peter spoiled?

Biography. Perfect Peter is Horrid Henry’s little brother. Peter appears to be a perfect and angelic child to the eyes of his parents in contrast to his bratty and rude brother. However, he is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing, because Peter is very selfish and spoiled by his parents with an ego almost as big as Henry’s.

How old is Peter from Horrid Henry?

Horrid Henry’s Perfect Day He has a 6-year-old brother called Perfect Peter. He is an extremely perfect boy who does uncountable good deeds. He always says “Please” and “Thank You”, he loves vegetables and refuses cake and he never ever picks his nose.