What does interaction studio do?

Interaction Studio collects data on several factors including time spent on site, actions, purchases, browsing history, and many others. This data can be used in creating Einstein “recipes” to create those meaningful experiences mentioned above based on customer profiles.

How much does interaction Studio cost?

Salesforce Personalization (Formerly Evergage) Pricing

Name Price Features
Salesforce Interaction Studio Contact us for pricing. $ https://www.salesforce.com/form/contact/marketingcloud_contactme/

How do I set up interaction studio?

Configure Interaction Studio (Legacy) Integration to Marketing…

  1. In Marketing Cloud, navigate to Setup | Feature Settings.
  2. Within Feature Settings, select Interaction Studio – Legacy | Integration Settings. If your business unit is already configured, the setup screen already shows the credentials.

How does Salesforce interaction studio work?

How does it work? Interaction Studio reacts to the real-time behavior of consumers as they interact with a brand’s owned channels, including online through email, social and mobile, and offline via in-store or kiosks.

What is Salesforce interactive studio?

Salesforce Interaction Studio is the leading real-time personalization and interaction management solution.

How much does social studio cost?

Social Studio Pricing Basic: $1,000/org/month Pro: $4,000/org/month Corporate: $12,000/org/month Enterprise: $40,000/org/month Plans require an annual contract.

Is interaction studio part of Marketing Cloud?

Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is integrated into Marketing Cloud. Interaction Studio (Legacy) is a standalone product that can be accessed through Marketing Cloud.

How do I access interaction studio?

Log into Interaction Studio from an Account URL

  1. In an up-to-date browser, navigate to your Interaction Studio account URL, which is typically in the form of yourcompany.evergage.com.
  2. Enter your Interaction Studio username and the password you set up after you activated your account.

Is Salesforce interaction Studio A CDP?

Salesforce has two products available in the CDP space. The first one to market, Interaction Studio, was originally a white-labeled CDP platform out of the UK called Thunderhead.