What does Kaman Industrial Technologies do?

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corporation distributes industrial parts. The Company provides bearings, mechanical power transmission, electrical, material handling, automation and control, fluid power, and other products. Kaman Industrial Technologies operates worldwide.

Who bought Kaman Industrial Technologies?

Motion Industries
Motion Industries, a subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company (NYSE: GPC), has acquired Kaman Distribution Group, a distributor of highly engineered products and a provider of related services, from Littlejohn & Co., LLC for $1.3 billion in cash.

How many Kaman locations are there?

Kaman Distribution is a leading distributor of industrial parts, and operates more than 200 customer service centers and five distribution centers across North America.

Who owns Kaman Aerospace?

During the first ten years the company operated exclusively as a designer and manufacturer of several helicopters that set world records and achieved many aviation firsts….Kaman Corporation.

Type Public
Key people Ian K. Walsh (Chairman, President & CEO)
Revenue US$1.59 billion (FY 2012)
Operating income US$92.8 million (FY 2012)

What does the manufacturer Kaman produce?

Bearings and Engineered Products Creating precision bearings and flexible drive system solutions for the most demanding environments.

Who is KDG Corp?

KDG Development Corp. operates as a construction management firm. The Firm provides services such as cost estimates, value engineering, bid packaging assistance, general contractor selection, and contract negotiation. KDG Development also develops, implements, manages, and analyzes project and program control systems.

How many K-MAX helicopters are there?

Thirty-eight K-1200 K-MAX helicopters had been built by 2015. As of January 2015, 11 of these were not airworthy or had been written off in accidents and five were in storage at Kaman; and in March 2015 the number of operational K-MAXs was 21.