What does Lilith represent in Evangelion?

Lilith (リリス) (Hebrew: נידה ,לילית: Lîlîṯ, Niddah) is designated as the 2nd Angel. Like Adam, Lilith is a Seed of Life, created by the First Ancestral Race billions of years ago. Thus, Lilith is actually a co-equal being to Adam.

Is Lilith an Angel in Evangelion?

Lilith (リリス, Ririsu) is the second Angel. It is kept in the Terminal Dogma, the deepest section of the Nerv headquarters. Lilith’s face is covered with a mask on which are drawn the seven eyes of a symbol called the Seele emblem.

Is Kaworu Adam or Lilith?

Kaworu is “born from Adam”, and describes Adam as being the “Mother of us all”. As Kaworu is the vessel for Adam’s soul, that paradoxically makes him his own mother as well as of all Angels.

Are EVAs made from Adam or Lilith?

NERV created the EVAs to fight off the Angel threat, but the EVAs are more similar to Angels than machines, as each was grown from samples of the First Angel, Adam, after it was destroyed during the “Contact Experiment.” (Each, except for Unit-01, which is the only EVA to be created using samples from the Second Angel …

Why does Rei merge with Lilith?

Rei was created but a soul can’t be made, and so she houses Lilith soul. This is why there can only be one Rei at any one time (the one that currently carries the soul). When each Rei died they salvaged the soul and placed it into another clone.

Why do Angels want to merge with Lilith?

The angels want to merge with Adam and/or Lilith to wipe out the entire human population and create an Adam-based ecosystem. Seele and Nerv, under Gendo’s command, want to kill the angels so that none of them starts the third impact before Seele or Nerv can.

Who is the strongest Angel Evangelion?

Evangelion: The Strongest Angels, Ranked

  1. 1 Adam. At the top of the list, we have Adam, the First Angel and the second of Earth’s two Seeds of Life along with Lilith.
  2. 2 Lilith. As the second Angel, Lilith is considered equal in strength to Adam.
  3. 3 Kaworu.
  4. 4 Armisael.
  5. 5 Zeruel.
  6. 6 Arael.
  7. 7 Sahaquiel.
  8. 8 Ireul.

Why does Gendo have Adam hand?

Adam is a crucial element in Gendo’s own scenario for Third Impact, wherein he intends to use the “forbidden fusion of Adam and Lilith” as a means to achieve reunion with Yui. At an undisclosed point, Gendo has Adam fused into his right palm, and, in the moments before Third Impact, he inserts his hand into Rei.

Is Rei Lilith’s soul?

Rei is not a naturally-born human, but rather a clone made from the DNA of Yui Ikari and the Angel Lilith. Therefore, she does not have a mother, and her “source” Yui’s soul inhabits Shinji’s Unit-01.