What does Malama Ka Aina mean?

to respect and care for the land
Hawaiians take immense pride in their unique and primal bond with nature. In fact, Hawaiians call themselves keiki o ka ‘āina, or “children of the land.” The notion and practice of mālama i ka ‘āina, meaning “to respect and care for the land”, is one of the most important pillars of Hawaiian culture.

Is there a Hawaiian royal family?

The House of Kawānanakoa survives today and is believed to be heirs to the throne by a number of genealogists. Members of the family are sometimes called prince and princess, as a matter of tradition and respect of their status as aliʻi or chiefs of native Hawaiians, being lines of ancient ancestry.

Why did Queen Liliuokalani surrender Hawaii?

Early in 1895, after loyalist Robert Wilcox led a failed insurrection aimed at restoring Liliuokalani to the throne, the queen was placed under house arrest and charged with treason. She agreed to sign a formal abdication in late January in exchange for the pardon of the supporters who had led the revolt.

What does Malama mean in Hawaii?

To take care of, tend, attend
1. nvt., To take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect, beware, save, maintain; to keep or observe, as a taboo; to conduct, as a service; to serve, honor, as God; care, preservation, support, fidelity, loyalty; custodian, caretaker, keeper. Examples: Mālama ʻana, custody. Mālama pono ʻia, well cared for.

Who are the current descendants of Hawaiian royalty?

Meet Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kawananakoa. She’s 91, and beloved by Hawaiians as their “last princess” — the only surviving blood-related member of the former island nation’s royal family.

Why did Queen Liliuokalani not fight back?

Foreign diplomats advised the queen not to resist by force as they realized that her position was hopeless and that a massacre may occur because of the presence of the machine guns.

Who owns the Big Island of Hawaii?

The State of Hawaii
The State of Hawaii owns land on every island, including 127.1 acres on Niihau and over 1 million acres on Hawai’i Island (the Big Island).