What does NC or SC stand for in golf?

North Course. South Course. Correct. In my Ogio Grom bag:​

What does SC mean on PGA Tour?

The Stadium Course (SC) comes in at 7,158 yards and plays as a par 72.

What does NS in golf mean?

NR and NS are hole scores, not round scores; NR applies to holes started but not completed, and NS applies to holes not started. Penalty scores are to be applied when a round score is not returned.

What does RTD mean in golf?

retired (abbreviated “RTD, RETD”) used to indicate that a player has begun a round and pulled out before finishing (also see scoreboard abbreviations)

What does NC mean after a name?

Definition. NC. North Carolina (US postal abbreviation)

What does SS mean in golf?

The Standard Scratch Score is the measurement of any particular courses difficulty. This is based on the ability of a Scratch Golfer to play that course.

What is NSA in golf?

This will give players the option to NSA* (No Score – Approved) their game due to extreme heat. Players will not be given the choice to postpone (suspend) their game in the heat, they must make the decision to either play on or quit for the day. *NSA is not a disqualification.

What is NR in golf?

It is expected that every player who enters a qualifying competition intends to complete the round. A NR is a card which is not returned or which has been returned but has “no score” recorded for all holes. An incomplete card is where “no score “is recorded for one or more holes.

What does DQ in golf mean?

If you play with equipment that is not approved by the rules, you are disqualified. The rules bar such things as using a foreign substance on your clubs or using clubs or balls that don’t conform to USGA standards in terms of design or performance.

What does RTD Stabd for?

Acronym. Definition. RTD. Returned to Duty (US DoD)

What does NC mean in games?

Meaning Nice call
Rank ★ ★ ★ Common
Usage Online Only (chat, messaging, e-mail)
Comments Often used in online poker games when a player makes a good call.
Example “NC. You played that hand as well as you could.”