What does rug mean in slang?

A toupee
Rug definition (slang) A toupee. noun.

What does it mean to wear a rug?

chiefly US, informal : a small wig that is usually worn by a man to cover a bald spot : toupee. You could tell that he was wearing a rug.

Why is it called rug?

The term “rug” was first used in English in the 1550s, with the meaning “coarse fabric”. The term is of “… Scandinavian origin; compare Norwegian dialectal rugga “coarse coverlet,” from Old Norse rogg “shaggy tuft,” from Proto-Germanic *rawwa-, perhaps related to rag (n.) and rough (adj.).” The meaning of “rug” “…

What does cut a rug up mean?

old-fashioned slang. : to dance in an energetic way He’s not young anymore, but he can still cut a rug on the dance floor.

What is a rug in the UK?

British English: rug /rʌɡ/ NOUN. A rug is a piece of thick material that you put on the floor and use like a carpet.

Do British people say rug or carpet?

A rug is, of course, a carpet that does not cover the whole floor and, in British English, a blanket, especially one used when travelling. The word has some less familiar meanings as well.

What is the antonyms of rug?


  • common.
  • artifact.
  • uncover.

Who says Coolbeans?

Whatever the origin, cool beans was popularized by the 1980–90s sitcom Full House, where it was used as a catchphrase by the character DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron). Any drug associations were lost at this point, as cool beans had an old-fashioned, wholesome quality by then.

What does lie like a rug mean?

to lie constantly
Definition of lie like a rug : to lie constantly : to be dishonest You can’t trust that guy. He lies like a rug.

What does rug mean crypto?

A rug pull in the crypto industry is when a development team suddenly abandons a project and sells or removes all its liquidity. The name comes from the phrase to pull the rug out from under (someone), meaning to withdraw support unexpectedly.